Why Does My Scepter TV Keep Turning Off?

Why Does My Scepter TV Keep Turning Off?

Different problems may cause your Sceptre TV to keep turning off; they include:

Power Supply Problems

You should check if the cord of your TV is securely plugged into the wall. A loose connection or an aging power supply cord can cause your TV to turn on and off by itself. If the wires are frayed, or the power cord is damaged, you need to replace them to prevent electrical accidents.

Problems with Connected Devices

Connected devices can also cause your TV to turn on and off by itself. For example, an old DVD player or cable box can send “wake up” signals to your TV without prompting it.

Hardware Problem                                 

The problem can also be inside your hardware if the motherboard is damaged or worn out, the TV overheats, causing it to turn on and off unexpectedly. Replacing the worn-out motherboard is very costly and unreliable. Therefore, it is advisable to get a new Scepter TV instead of repairing the motherboard.

How to fix a Sceptre TV that turns on and off by itself

Switch off the surge protector

If your surge protector is faulty, it will cause interruptions to the electrical current, or it may fail to supply enough power to the TV. To ensure that the surge protector is faulty, directly plug the Scepter TV into your wall outlet. If the TV works, it’s time to replace the surge protector.

Test the remotes

The remote might be causing the problem, and if the power button on the remote is stuck, it will constantly send signals to your TV, turning it on and off. To determine if this is the problem, remove the batteries from the remote. If the TV stays on, then the remote is the problem. Repair or replace the remote to continue enjoying watching your Sceptre TV.

Check the circuit breaker panel

If you are experiencing this problem on other devices in your home, the circuit breaker may be damaged or faulty. Power surges or temporary outages can cause this, and by resetting the breaker switch, you may be able to solve the problem. However, if this happens repeatedly, the TV might be the one tripping the breaker. This means you need to repair the TV or replace it.

Upgrade your Sceptre TV

If you require a nicely priced TV, you should try out Sceptre TVs. It is one of the top-selling brands at Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart’s customers rate Sceptre TVs at 4.1 out of 5, meaning they are worth your money. Although some Sceptre TV go for less than $300, Sceptre’s latest smart TV goes for only $250. It is a Google Android TV offering inbuilt access to streaming services such as Netflix. With $300, you’ll be able to get a 50 inch 4K UHD TV.


The Scepter TV uses LED panels, so the picture quality is not as excellent as more expensive OLED and QLED TVs from other brands like Sony or Samsung. So Sceptre might not be the best on the market, but it still offers you value for your money.

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