Walmart Laptop Return Policy

Walmart Laptop Return Policy

Retailers create and manage rules on how customers return and exchange unwanted products. Different stores have different return policies, and within a store, various departments also have distinct return policies. Walmart, as a retailer, is no exception; the mega-brand has return policies that vary depending on the product type. The store offers products of the highest quality, but on the rare occasion that a customer is not satisfied with a product, Walmart has a great return policy. Do you need to return a laptop you purchased at Walmart and don’t know how to go about it? The global retailer has made the return of electronics easier through their return policy. Whether you purchased your laptop online or in-store, here is all you need to know about Walmart’s laptop return policy.

Walmart Laptop Return Timeframes

Different items have different return windows, and you can only return the product during a specific time according to the product’s return policy. Walmart’s normal return policy states that they accept returns within three months (90 days) of purchasing or delivering items ordered online. For laptops, Walmart accepts returns within 15 days from the day of purchase. This also applies to other things like desktop computers, tablets, drones, printers, GPS units, e-readers, to mention a few.

What You Need to Have When Returning a Laptop

When you return a laptop, you must bring a receipt, manuals of the laptop, the original manufacturer’s packaging, a packing slip, and any included accessories. It’s very important to have the permit to prove you bought your computer at the Walmart store. If you don’t have the original packing slip, you can still sign in to your account and get the services you need.

Without the packaging materials or the accessories, the laptop may not be accepted by the Walmart customer care team. However, you may be lucky, and they take it as long as you provide a digital or physical receipt to show proof of your purchase. They can also accept the return of your laptop if they can identify the unique stickers, barcodes, or identifiers. It’s therefore important to check with your local Walmart store before you visit them. Other laptop accessories cannot be returned to Walmart; they include software delivered by email and video game cards.

How to Return a Laptop You Bought Online

If you buy a laptop online, and it was shipped to you but got damaged in the process, or it is not the laptop you ordered, return the item by mail. All you need to do is start the returns process on the Walmart app or at by requesting either a refund or a replacement. Alternatively, it is wiser to reject the product when it is delivered because a damaged or wrong item purchased online cannot be returned to the store.

Third-Party Seller Laptop Returns

If you buy a laptop from a Walmart marketplace seller at, you’ll follow the seller return policy to return the computer. This varies from one vendor to another, so it’s important to check your seller’s return policy. Be rest assured that the seller’s return policy will align with Walmart’s policy since they follow set out minimum return standards to ensure consistent customer service.


Cash Refunds

Getting a refund from a return at Walmart depends on how you made the purchase. If you made a cash or cheque purchase and have the receipt, you can receive a cash refund. Alternatively, you can request a gift card if it’s more convenient for you. If you used your debit card for the purchase, your rebate could go directly to your debit card or Walmart gift card. You also have the option of getting cash.

Credit card purchases are not eligible to cash refunds. The refund can only be sent back to the card or processed into a Walmart gift card. Sadly, if you don’t have a receipt, you cannot get a cash refund from the store unless the product you purchased was less than $25. In this case, your only option is a Walmart gift card. Therefore, to enjoy all the options of Walmart’s return policy, ensure you keep your receipts well.

Holiday Returns for Laptops

Often, retailers alter their return policy during the holiday season. This is because there are many purchases done for gifts that will not be opened for some time. It is also not certain that the recipient will want to keep the product. During holidays, Walmart offers an exception in the return policy. They provide an extended period of 10 days. This applies to products purchased between November 1st and 25th December. This allows you to return the laptop even after the holiday because the 15-day window does not start until 26th December, on which the normal return days resume. This means the recipient has until 10th January to return the item.

Limitation of the Return Policy

To ensure that the return policy is not abused, Walmart has set out restrictions. It is not clear, though, what makes up the program abuse of Walmart’s return policy. When returning a product at Walmart, you must carry official government identification. This allows for the employee to check your return activity in their database. If a customer is abusing the return, they will be denied to return of the laptop.

If you rarely make returns, then you don’t have to worry about abusing the return policy. It is very rare for customers to be denied the return services on the grounds of abusing the procedure because most return requests are legitimate.


Final Remark

Walmart is known for selling a wide range of products ranging from foods to electronics and even automobile accessories. According to Walmart’s general return policy, you can return almost everything within 90days. The policy is very flexible, and the store accepts most returns under the discretion of an individual store manager. It is important to check and confirm with your local Walmart store to know how to go about returning your laptop.  

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