Sceptre TV Problems

Sceptre TV Problems

Some of the Sceptre TV problems can easily be fixed with a basic troubleshooting process. A basic run or simple reset of hardware and menu options can resolve many challenges.

However, in some cases, internal hardware or screen problems can demand specialized repair or even replacement. Basic troubleshooting steps, meanwhile, often take a few minutes and are usually capable of returning the TV to manual operations, but can’t help resolve major problems.

For more detailed information, we developed a quick rundown of the various common Sceptre TV problems as well as suggested methods to help resolve the issues.

Common Sceptre TV Problems and Fixes

Sceptre TV Won’t Connect to the Internet

Sceptre TVs, like most other brands out there, have smart features that allow you to connect to the internet and comfortably stream all your favorite programs directly on television. However, this feature may not work as expected if the internet connection has been changed.

To fix this, simply check if the router is correctly set up and whether there is any problem with reception through the router. If  a particular app isn’t functioning, consider uninstalling and reinstalling the app. Then check to see if the problem is resolved.

No Power and No LED            

This might not be the most widespread issue, but it’s a fairly common complaint among users. To resolve this, first, check that the power cord is properly and securely connected. You might want to use a different electrical outlet or try a new power cord.

This should help fix the issue, but if all efforts fail, you will have to contact Sceptre’s Technical support Group for specialized help.

Audio But No Picture

This is a problem where the audio works just fine but the screen remains black. Note that with bad signals, sometimes, the picture will fail but the audio will still be present. So it’s important to check that the signal is good, especially if you are watching a TV tuner.

Check if the video cable wire is loose or damaged. Also, the problem could be the source of the video. So consider trying the source of the video with another TV if possible. If it works, then it means it is the TV’s issue.

If you have checked all the above, with no results, then chances are the TV is at fault. Try turning the TV off. Unplug the power for 10 minutes then plug it back in and check if the issue is resolved. If neither of the above works, you might want to contact Sceptre’s Technical support for further help.

Remote Isn’t Working

There are several different tricks that you can use to see if the problem stems from the TV or the remote.

However, the most common one is to make sure the remote has fresh batteries. This is usually the case when a remote seems to be broken.

After confirming that the batteries are fresh, but it’s still not working, the problem could be with the TV. Try connecting it to another different power outlet as earlier explained and see if that solves the problem.

It’s good for you to note that remotes also do wear out over time, but you can simply order a replacement from the manufacturer online or contact the Sceptre Support team for assistance.

How to Reset Sceptre TV

Performing a reset can fix numerous intermittent issues with the TV. There are two types of resets; the simple power cycle is considered the most popular and simple to run.

The second option is the factory reset: it returns the settings to the original placement, just like the TV was brand new or being used for the first time.

To run the power cycle, just unplug the TV and wait a few minutes as all power leaves the system. Disconnect any connected devices to make sure that everything is reset at the same time. 

A reset is usually necessary after a power surge or outage as it helps resolve minor problems. Return the power and turn on the TV to confirm the status.

While the power cycle reset can fix minor picture problems and sound issues, unintentional changes in the settings would be more difficult to diagnose. The factory reset is considered the better option for persistent problems.

Access the Menu settings with the remote control and select the “Set Up” option. Then click “Reset to Factory” to return the settings to normal. Turn the TV off then back on to confirm that the factory reset has indeed taken effect.

Inspect the Hardware

If you’ve run a Sceptre TV reset with no results yet, checking the hardware can help fix issues with picture and sound. Start with a simple examination of the cables for wear and tear.

Ensure the connections are snug as a slightly loose cable connection can bring about frequent problems. The audio, as well as the HDMI cables, are particularly important for functionality. Consider replacing the cables if either of them is showing wear.

To determine if the cables are faulty, simply swap out a different cable to test the system. If the new cable works, then the old cable is faulty. If the cables are fine, but the problem persists, then it means a different issue is the root cause.

After inspecting and replacing external hardware like external audio systems, cables, satellite, or cable boxes, the remaining problems are likely to be a result of an internal issue with the TV. At this point, contacting Sceptre customer support or seeking a professional repair can be the best option.


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