Olevia TV Problems


HDTVs, like other electronic devices, can have certain technical problems that can affect your TV viewing.

To resolve these problems, you can call a technical support expert or have your TV serviced. Or, you can save money and time by learning to fix these problems all alone- of course, with some basic and foolproof troubleshooting skills.

There is no denying that Olevia TV is one of the most amazing TVs for those who are not particularly interested in something flashy or with bells and whistles.

These guys boast one of the best video processors out there, meaning you can expect pretty nice quality streaming on the videos in both SD and HD.

However, we can’t afford to give a blind eye to Olevia TV problems as there are significant complaints among users.

Well, you might have one still lying around you that works just fine, but here is what you need to know about Olevia TV problems and various troubleshooting tips you can try.

CAUTION: Remember there is a lot of power in the electrical components of TVs, so be careful when you’re poking around.

Common Olevia TV Problems and Fixes

Olevia TV Keep Shutting Off

One common problem reported by Olevia TV users is that no matter how much you want to like it, sometimes the TV won’t just keep together.

The manufacturers suggest that this could be due to a loss of power or a bad power supply. It could also be heated safety shut-offs on other components or maybe even something gets shifted and disconnects probably due to loose or corroded pins.

To fix the power problems, power on the TV using the power button on the TV’s panel controls. The power button is the first from the right, just next to the IR sensor and the control panel is on the bottom right of the TV.

If the TV powers on from here, power problems may stem from the batteries. Thus, you might want to replace the batteries in the remote or consider using a universal remote instead.

The next step is to rest the TV. Unplug its power cord for 30 seconds and plug it back in. Try to power on the TV again after a few moments.

Another thing that you can try is to plug the TV’s power cord into an alternate electrical outlet or surge protector. This will help to test for an electrical issue in the home on one particular outlet.

Olevia TV Shows Blue Light Flashes and Won’t Turn On

Sometimes, the number of times such blue light flashes appear will indicate what is wrong with the TV. For instance, if you can get the TV to work after a blue light flashes for some time, the device might be alright and the blue light could be an indicator of some processing going on.

However, if the blue light is flashing continuously, and your TV won’t turn on, then you could be having a power problem with your power supply that needs to be resolved. Here are some of the things that you can try:

  •         The Capacitors                                        

Considering the power charges, it’s possible to have some issues with the capacitors as they can be fried. Fortunately, this should be an easy fix. For those who are confident with staff like that, you can open up the TV to help get the capacitors changed.

Other than that, the best course of action would be to take your TV to a specialized technician who will be able to scrutinize the faulty capacitors for you and replace them if necessary. That should be enough to have the problems fixed.

  •         Change the Power Supply

Still, there can also be some challenges with the circuit board on the power supply and not really the capacitors on it- a problem that’s somehow a bit complicated.

While it wouldn’t be an easy job for you to source the power supply for your Olevia TV (given that there is smart TV all around and Olevia TVs are almost absolute), you can find a power supply and get the problem fixed for good.

  •         Check the Connections

Well, in other cases, the problem is not even with the power supply or the capacitors on it, but rather on the connection between the power supply of your TV and the main logic board.

You will need to call an experienced technician who understands Olevia TVs to work on it to help troubleshoot the problem better. This way, you will be able to get a precise solution. The connections are usually not the most complicated and after that, you will be able to run your TV short of errors on it.

No sound

To troubleshoot a “no sound” problem on Olevia TV, first, make sure the TV is not muted by pressing the “Mute” or volume up control on the Olevia remote.

Next up, press the “MTS ” button on the Olevia remote to deactivate SAP as well as other settings that could cause a temporary cause of audio. Press the “MTS” button until you see “stereo” on the screen and check for audio.

After that, locate the audio connection cables of the device you are trying to watch and unplug them.

If there is no audio on a VCR connected via RCA cables, for instance, unplug the red and white RCA audio cables, check them for damage, and plug them back in. Now check to see if the sound problem is resolved.

No Picture

This is yet another common problem associated with Olevia TVs. To address the issue, change the TV to the correct video input using the “source’ button on the TV remote, directly underneath the volume down and channel down buttons.

For instance, if you’re trying to watch the Blu-ray player connected to the Olevia’s HDMI 1 input, you may not see a picture until the source button is consistently pressed such that the TV is set to the HDMI 1 input.

You can also try unplugging the video connection cable that connects the device you are attempting to watch to the TV.

Similar to the above example, unplug the HDMI cable from the TV and plug it back in. Now recheck for a picture once the TV has scanned the HDMI input.

You might want to check for a picture on another device using the “source button. In case you have a DVD player connected to the Video 2 input, and you see a picture after switching to it, then troubleshoot the Blue-ray player separately. 


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