How to Reset True Metrix Glucose Meter

How to Reset True Metrix Glucose Meter

Are you looking for a way to reset your True Metric Glucose meter to clear the memory? Well, the truth is that there is no programmed way you can apply to clear or reset the memory. Ideally, the meter memory holds up to 500 glucose readings. After reaching this number of readings, it deletes one for every subsequent new reading you obtain.  

In some cases, users have tried to leave the battery for at least 24 hours and pass some strong magnet over the Metrix Glucose meter.

You can also try this if you want to reset your glucose meter:

  • Pres and hold the memory (M) button for at least seven seconds. This way, you restore the glucometers to factory settings
  • Restore the date on the meter to a default setting
  • Before taking any new readings, you should reconnect the glucometers

What is the purpose of the erasure feature on most Metrix Glucose meters?

You cannot delete any previously stored readings in your meter. It is not easy to tell why you would be interested in deleting your glucose reading in the first place when such details are helpful when you are seeing your doctor.

Most physicians will depend on the patient’s regular glucose reading, which means they don’t want to have you manipulating the readings. This is why most Metrix glucometers are not designed to reset or erase readings.

How do I know if my Metrix Glucose meter is working correctly?

If you want to check that your Metrix Glucose meter is working correctly, you should check your blood sugar level with the meter while your doctor draws blood for a lab test. Compare the meter reading with the lab results. If the results are 15% of the lab reading, you can consider it accurate.

After how long should I be replacing my glucose meter?

Most of the modern glucose meters have been made to last up to a decade. However, how long your glucose meter will function or last depends on how well you manage it. If you’ve been having your glucose meter for the longest time, you might be wondering if you should still be using it.  

You can tell when it’s the right time to replace your glucose meter if the meter’s accuracy is in question. You can find out with your physician if the glucose meter you are using is still accurate in the readings you get.

What is the right time to use my glucose meter to test blood sugar?

The right time to measure your blood sugar using a glucose meter is immediately you wake up. At this time, your glucose meter is likely to give you an accurate fasting reading. Your fasting blood sugar reading should range between 70 and 130 mg/dL.

Does my true metric meter need calibration?

The McKesson True Metrix is an out-of-body quantitative system that can be used for self-testing whole human blood. Other alternative sites like the forearm should not be used in testing or calibrating the glucose monitors.


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