How to Fix a Flip Phone that Broke in Half

How to Fix a Flip Phone that Broke in Half

If your flip phone has just been broken in half, you can still have it repaired. It is also possible to retrieve the contacts, photos, and other files in your phone as soon as it is fixed. The first thing to do is find out what brand of flip phone you are using, Samsung, Nokia, Motorola, etc.

When your flip phone is broken in half, the problem is actually in the flex cable. The other half of the phone still has the battery, the motherboard, and other vital components – it means your phone still has some life in it and can be traced when lost. All you have to do is walk down to your nearest phone repair shop and have a new flex cable fixed on your flip phone.

What is the process of fixing my flip phone when broken in half ?

If your flip phone is broken in half, you have to get a new flex cable. Follow these steps to have it fixed:

  • Get a screwdriver and use it to uncover the phone battery.
  • Remove the two rubber stoppers
  • Unscrew the aerial and remove the six screws
  • Remove the screws on the main screen and the two rubber stoppers
  • Separate the back part of the phone away from the rest of the phone
  • Unclip the ribbon and lift the metal part beneath your phone
  • Take the keypad and circuit board out
  • Push the phone housing while pulling the hinge to remove the top part of the phone. Be careful not to snap the housing.
  • Run your fingernail where the two parts of the housing meet to open the top half of the phone.
  • Open the top part of the phone by splitting it using a credit card.
  • Replace the ribbon and reverse the procedure to reassemble the phone.

What to do when your flip phone remains in the vertical view

This is a common problem if you have a flip phone. It usually happens when you place your phone close to a strong magnet. . When this happens, you should take the phone and run it over the battery vertically and horizontally. It should be able to start working as usual. Always be careful where you store your flip phone because they are usually sensitive to metals and magnets.

What if I cannot make a call with my flip phone?

If you want to make a call on a flip phone, the first thing to do is to confirm a signal. Once you have confirmed the signal, you should call your services provider to ensure that the service is active.

I cannot hear the caller on my flip phone?

If you cannot hear the person on the call, the issue could be your speaker or microphone. If the phone speaker is working correctly, the external speaker you are using could be the issue. You can take your phone to a repair shop to check the mic and speakers.

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