Does Walmart Sell T Mobile Phones?

Does Walmart Sell T Mobile Phones

 T mobile is a US-based company located in Belleview, Wash, that engages in providing wireless communication services. The organization offers wireless communication services to postpaid, prepaid, and wholesale customers. It also provides a wide selection of wireless devices and accessories across its brands, T mobile, Metro, and Spint. Are you looking for a new phone? T mobile recently launched new offers on phones. Explore the new selection of T mobile phones, which include cell phones and smartphones.

T mobile offers an advanced 4G lite and transformative nationwide 5G network that gives you reliable connectivity for all its clients. The clients benefit from the best service experience due to a combination of value and quality in wireless communication offered by T mobile.

Does Walmart Sell T Mobile Phones?

Yes, Walmart sells T mobile phones in over 2300 stores in the United States. Walmart now has a T mobile kiosk in selected stores where customers can get T mobile devices and accessories. Customers can also be able to sign up for one of three T-Mobile unlimited monthly rate plans at the kiosk.

Does Walmart Sell T Mobile Phones Online?

Yes, you can get mobile phones from Walmart’s website; you just simply visit the website, place your order and get your T mobile product delivered right to your doorstep.

T Mobile Offers Available At Walmart Stores.

As of November first, 2021, when you add a new line on any T-Mobile postpaid unlimited plan at Walmart stores, you can get the new Motorola Moto G Play smartphone for just $50 inclusive of tax. Do you want to experience the connectivity that comes with a 5G network? Then head on to your nearest Walmart store and treat yourself with the new T Mobile REVL V+5G for only $100 and save $80. Alternatively, you can get the One plus N2005G for only $125. Walmart also offers Samsung Galaxy A12 for just $75, which is $105 more in other stores. You can also get Samsung Galaxy A32 for $150 and save $132.

These are not the only offers of T-Mobile devices available at Walmart; visit Walmart’s stores and website to explore other amazing offers that allow you to make big saves.

T Mobile Plans at Walmart

Do you want to join T mobile and are wondering where you can subscribe to their postpaid unlimited rate plans? You can sign up for T mobile plans at Walmart plans including T mobile Magenta, Magenta MAX, Magenta 55+, Magenta Military, Essential, and many more. By signing up at Walmart, you get an instant discount applied at the register with no activation fees or device financing.

The T mobile Essential plan allows you to get monthly bills as low as $30 per month for four lines with unlimited data and talk plus unlimited 3G hotspot in T-Mobile’s network, and for 5G devices, you are offered 5G access at no extra cost.


Walmart is a renowned retailer that offers almost all types of products to its customers under one roof, and now it also offers T mobile devices as well. Get great offers on T-Mobile phones on over 2300 Walmart stores countrywide. Just visit Walmart stores and explore the wide range of t mobile phones at affordable prices.

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