Does Walmart sell Roku Remotes?

Does Walmart sell Roku Remotes?

It is true to say that Walmart sells Roku remotes at reasonable prices. This means that you can buy the remotes at lower prices at Walmart compared to other stores. Walmart is a giant retailer that sells almost everything you need to make your lifestyle better. Thus, you should always check out any electronic device you need from its stores. 

Does Walmart sell Roku Remotes?

Walmart offers both new and replacement Roku remotes in its stores. This means that you can get a new remote if yours is past the point of warranty. However, you will need to pay for the new remote. The replacement remotes are offered at prices starting from 15 USD to 30 USD. You can get further details on which Roku remote works with which model. Thus, you will not have a hard time while shopping for your Roku remote. 

Are Walmart Roku Remotes Interchangeable?

Truly, most of the Roku remotes can be interchanged with various devices. There are many models on the market, but they all work on two technologies, such as infrared or RF. Both of these are referred to by Roku as simple and advanced. 

What are the Types of Roku remotes sold at Walmart?

The following are the common types of Roku remote control types that you can find at Walmart. It is upon you to decide which among them will offer you good services. 

  • Simple remote
  • Voice remote
  • Voice remote pro

Simple Remote

This is the most basic remote control that you can get from Walmart. It is also the cheapest type of Roku remote. A Roku remote uses an IR beam, especially for line-of-sight connectivity. This Roku remote can work with any Roku device apart from the Streaming Stick models. It does not need any pairing for it to function. It is designed to control the Roku device automatically. 

Voice Remote

This is another Roku remote which is more advanced than the simple remote. It is a point anywhere remote. Using this remote, you can control your Roku device through voice commands. It can still be utilized in controlling your television power and volume levels. It is highly compatible with all Roku models. However, it might be ideal for some older models. Thus, if you are purchasing it at Walmart, you will need to consult your technician or consider the model of Roku device at your home. A professional can help you make the right choice. 

Voice Remote Pro

This is yet another Roku remote sold on Walmart. It is an upgraded model of the Voice Remote. It has better features than the other Roku remotes. You can find it using its app or a remote finder feature using voice commands. It will then produce a tone that will help you find it easily. It has a private listen mode, and it recharges via USB cable. This means you can connect earphones. This is compatible with all Roku devices but might not work well with the oldest Roku devices. 


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