Does Walmart sell Rims?

Does Walmart sell Rims?

Automobile owners will always have an ongoing need for wheels and rims. These pieces are necessary for all automobiles. The rim is an essential part of the wheel as it enables the proper connection between the wheel itself and the tire. In addition, it holds the rubber tire in place to allow your car to function properly. But where can you buy car rims?

Does Walmart sell Rims?

Walmart sells 14-inch to 24-inch rims. They also sell brand-specific rims and wheels. Some of the wheels they sell are:

  • Aluminum rims and wheels
  • Black rims
  • E-Custom rim wheels
  • American racing wheels
  • Alloy wheels
  • Dorman wheels, etc.

This vast selection allows you to find the right rims for your car.

How to Choose Rims at Walmart

The comprehensive collection of rims on sale at Walmart can make selecting the right rims confusing. However, Walmart offers you a way to ensure what you purchase is suitable for your car. They provide an interface where you can key in your vehicle’s details like:

  • Year of manufacture
  • Make
  • Model
  • Sub Model
  • Engine base

These details filter out your rims search results to give you suitable rims for your vehicle.

If you are shopping in-store, you can go with a similar rim to what you need for your car. You can replace it with a manufacturer’s rim or its aftermarket equivalent. However, if you want to change it completely, you can have one custom-made to give your car a unique appeal. You can upsize or downsize accordingly for the handling and look you desire.

Walmart sells rims of brands like Nissan and Toyota. Their rims are ideal for SUVs, Jeep, trailers, RVs, and many others. When deciding on the rims to buy, you can choose either steel rims or aluminum/light metal rims. To know which one to select, consider each rim option’s weight, robustness, stability, and price. Also, consider the final look you want for your car.

Can I buy Car Rims from Walmart?

Walmart is among the many places you can get car rims. The retailer has an Auto and Tires department that hosts a wide array of car accessories. In addition, you can purchase rims online or in-store.

How to Know you need New Walmart Rims

Wheel rims provide a solid base for mounting your tires. Here are some telltale signs that you need to get new rims from Walmart.

  • Your car tires no longer hold air for long. If your tires are not punctured and the valve stem is not leaky, your rims may be out-of-round or worn.
  • You feel a vibration in your steering wheel. If you check other issues that might cause vibration and solve them but still experience the vibration, your rims could be a problem.
  • Your tires have a noticeable scalloped wear pattern
  • You experience a pull in one direction, almost similar to an alignment problem.
  • You experience braking problems.

Always ensure your rims and wheels are in good condition as they enhance your safety on the road. As soon as you notice a problem, address it immediately.

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