Does Walmart Sell Real Jewelry?

Does Walmart Sell Real Jewelry?

Although the jewelry at Walmart is real, you get what you pay for. The lower prices signify low metal quality. Therefore, the pieces will not be as bright and beautiful as what you see in photos. However, Walmart is the ideal place to shop if you are looking for fine jewelry on a budget. But you need to understand and accept the trade-off on quality.

Can you Get a Good piece of Jewelry at Walmart?

Walmart hosts some jewelry brand lines that carry necklaces, earrings, rings, and more at unbeatable low prices. These low prices make some wonder whether to get their pieces at a fancy jewelry store or Walmart.

Sadly, the beautiful pieces you see do not meet fine jewelry industry standards. For instance, the industry has set the standard for gold at 18K. The diamonds at Walmart also tend to be too low in quality. Diamonds are generally ranked on a scale from F to S1-SI2. Most of Walmart’s diamonds rank at S1- S2, the second-lowest ranking.

Unfortunately, the stones’ settings also tend to be an issue. Most pieces have prongs that snag your clothes. Some are weak and break easily, requiring you to incur an extra repair cost.

If you buy a gold ring from Walmart, it should not turn a finger green. A piece marked with its karat value is real gold. If it turns your finger green, you may want to check its description to ensure you did not accidentally buy a gold-plated ring instead.


Fine jewelry can transform any outfit to make you look classy and expensive. There are both expensive and inexpensive options. Walmart, a discount store, makes its products affordable and accessible. So, you may be wondering if their jewelry is real. For example, is the store’s gold real gold?

Is Walmart Jewelry Real?

Walmart jewelry is real and on par with jewelry found in a mall jewelry store. However, although the diamonds and gold are real, many shoppers need to know that Walmart tends to carry lower-grade versions of each and lacks third-party certifications to show quality.

Is Walmart Gold real?

Walmart gold is actual gold. However, there are a few things to note before purchasing that inexpensive gold piece you’ve been eyeing.

First, most Walmart’s gold comes in 10-karat, meaning its gold jewelry is only 40 percent actual gold. The other 60 percent is made from different metals.

Also, keep an eye on the abbreviations like GEP, GP, RGP, etc. These abbreviations indicate that the jewelry is gold-plated. In other words, the piece is made of a different metal but has a thin gold veneer on top to give it a gold appeal. If you have a keen eye, you will find some pieces made from genuine gold that may rank as 12K or 14K.

Are Walmart’s Diamonds Real?

Undoubtedly, Walmart’s diamonds are real. But just like gold jewelry, diamond pieces also have some caveats.

Most diamonds at Walmart are of middle grade. You can also check how the stones are set on the piece, as prongs are often uneven and likely to catch on fabrics. Experts on these gemstones say that Walmart diamonds are just a step up from costume jewelry.

According to appraisers, Walmart sells its pieces at low prices and has a quality that is not worth it. As a result, you will probably not see any tangible financial return on your investment in the long run.

Also, Walmart sells synthetic diamonds and other stones like topaz that look like diamonds. However, Walmart does not fool its customers and ensures that it correctly labels diamond lookalike pieces online and in-store.


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