Does Walmart Sell Rabbit Meat?


Walmart is one of the biggest retailers worldwide that offers different products and services to its customers. The store has over 11,300 stores in different parts of the world and 2.3 million associates.

The primary aspect that draws customers to Walmart is its wide selection that allows shoppers to get everything they need under one roof. This can be attributed to its extensive supply chain that stretches across the country.

Does Walmart Sell Rabbit Meat?

Walmart does not offer rabbit meat, and you can only get other types of meat like ham, fish, chicken, lamb and pork.

Walmart product categories include groceries, electronics, pharmaceutical products, sporting goods, baby products, and many more products.

Why Walmart Does Not Sell Rabbit Meat

Rabbit meat has been eaten over the years, but they seem to have slipped out of the day-to-day diet in modern times. Some of the common reasons include;

Rabbits are Regarded as Pets

Most families take these animals as pets and furbearers in their homes. It will be difficult for them to make stew out of them simultaneously. Children, in particular, won’t be comfortable seeing them displayed in stores as meat.

Rabbit Meat Is So Lean

Lean meat is meat with a relatively low-fat content, and the rabbit is considered one. Due to its low-fat content, you might consume a lot of rabbit meat which is not healthy. Research urges that the body requires fat, and one should consume meat with its fatty tissues. So if you eat rabbit meat without any extra fats, you will end up with malnutrition. Having this in mind, Walmart won’t consider it an option to sell in their stores.

Why Rabbit Meat Is Not Sold in most Retail Stores 

In France, rabbit meat is very popular and is eaten at least once a week for dinner by most households. The situation is different in the United States, especially in North America, where rabbit meat is not popular. Rabbit meat is not sold in most grocery stores and retail stores compared to beef, chicken, or lamb. If you find stores offering rabbit meat, it is not as available as the other types of meat, and sometimes a customer may have to preorder to get the meat. 

 In most parts of the USA, most people consider it taboo to see rabbit meat in grocery stores. This is because many people consider rabbits to be pets rather than food. Some time back, Whole Foods, a grocery store in South America, carried full rabbits in their butchery. This made animal activists demonstrate in front of their stores wearing bunny suits. In South America, no restaurant serves rabbit meat, and most, if not all, people do not eat rabbit meat.



Rabbit has become a very popular companion animal, at least in the western world. They come in right behind cats and dogs in terms of popularity as household pets in the US. This is why most grocery stores like Walmart do not offer rabbit meat, but they offer rabbit feeds for your pets. Most people say rabbit meat tastes like chicken, so why not eat chicken instead.

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