Does Walmart sell Q Grips?

Does Walmart sell Q Grips?

Cleaning your ears thoroughly and efficiently is an important habit for you and your family. If you are looking for an alternative product to use for cleaning your ears, then the Q-Grip is a good choice. Can you get it from Walmart? Absolutely! Walmart offers Q-Grips which are re-usable and a great value for your money.

All you need to do is get on their website and go through the product catalogue to check out the Q-Grips. You can even opt for a warranty if you so wish. Remember the Q-Grips will clean your ears painlessly while getting out all the build-up that might contain fungi or bacteria. 

What is the Q-Grip?

Q-Grips are earwax removers. They have spiral-shaped tips that rotate to remove earwax from all corners of your ear. One Q-Grip kit comes 16 reusable heads of different sizes that can cater for different members of the family. They are completely safe and you can comfortably use them to clean the ears of your toddler.

Features of Q-Grips

Q-Grips have unique features that make them a good choice for earwax removal. They are also durable because the handles are made from stainless steel which can withstand daily use. The following are features of Q-Grips.

  • The handles are made from stainless steel making them last for a long time.
  • The sturdy design of the handle contributes to Q-Grips durability.
  • The tips are made of silicone making them soft and flexible when cleaning your ear canals.
  • Q-Grips come at a low price because they are reusable.
  • They provide the option of a warranty. You can choose between a year and two
  • They are easy to clean.


How to use the Q-Grips

When you purchase the Q-Grips kit, you will find 16 heads with one handle. You choose the handle that fits your size and insert it into the handle. There are two pieces on the base of the heads that you insert into the handle. The pieces help in fixing the Q-Grip so that it does not disintegrate and damage your ears. 

On the handle, there is a blue spot with a white arrow. The purpose of the arrow is to direct you on how to rotate the head. It is important to follow keenly the directions so that you can avoid damaging your ears. When you insert the tool in your ear, twist carefully to remove the earwax buildup. 

When you are done, twist the handle in the opposite direction to remove the wax. Clean the head and make sure it dries properly before storage. Since the material is made from silicone, you can thoroughly clean it with soapy water, followed by a spirit. 

Why and When Should You Clean Your Ears?

There comes a time when your ears feel itchy and dirty. You can almost feel like there is something inside. That might just be build-up. If you don’t clean your ears regularly, the earwax buildup might be uncomfortable.

So what are the signs that you need thorough ear cleaning? When you hear sounds that seem muffled while they are not, you need to clean your ears. If you hear a ringing sound or spend a lot of time in water like a swimmer, you have to clean your ears regularly. 

Who Can Use the Q-Grip?

Anyone can use Q-Grips. They can be used by anyone who is old enough to understand their usage. They are also a good choice for those who engage a lot in outdoor activities like swimming and hiking. When you are outdoors enjoying your favorite sport, it’s very common for dust and little debris to get into your ear. 

Q-Grips will provide you with a practical way of cleaning your ears after such endeavors. Even if you want to clean your ears when you are not home, the earwax cleaners are also useful outdoors. You can clean your ears after a swim or even when you are in a camping trail. Just make sure you are somewhere you set up camp before you attend to your ears. 


Why Should You Use Q-Grips?

Earwax build-up can cause serious infections. You don’t want to get an ear infection because you didn’t clean your ears. Using the Q-Grips to clean your ears will make sure infections have no chance. It is easy to use and there will be no need to go to a doctor to clean your ears unless you are going for your routine check-up.  

Why Choose Q-Grips over Cotton Swabs

There are many reasons why Q-Grips is a better choice than cotton swabs. Differences range from the manufacturing materials to durability and even comfort during use. Since some cotton swabs have cardboard applicators, they can easily break and damage your ears. Q-Grips are stronger because of the stainless steel that is used during production.

Cotton swabs come in round heads while Q-Grips have tips. It is easy for the round cotton swabs to push the earwax in the canal making it difficult to remove. The tips of the Q-Grips are able to scoop and scrape the earwax because the head is turning carefully in your ear canal. 


Benefits of Using Q-Grips

  • Q-Grips are reusable hence cutting down on waste
  • They are affordable because you can clean and reuse them
  • You can use them on both adults and toddlers 
  • The silicone tips are soft and flexible causing no discomfort
  • They clean your ears well just like a cleaning done at the doctor’s office
  • The tips reach down carefully to clean your ear canals thoroughly 
  • The tips come in various sizes to cater to different age groups and sizes

Since cleaning ears is a sensitive topic with toddlers, it is important that you use a product that will not make them uncomfortable. Even though the Q-Grips make some noise when the head is turning in your ear, reassure kids that they are painless. 


If you are looking for an alternative of cleaning your ears that is convenient, Q-Grips will give the satisfaction that you need. Since it comes with multiple heads, you don’t have to worry about family members because all will be catered for. 

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