Does Walmart Sell Kindles?

Does Walmart Sell Kindles?

Walmart is an American corporation that operates supermarkets, discount department stores, and grocery stores with over 10,500 stores worldwide. Walmart is well known for offering a wide variety of products at affordable prices. The company’s mission is to save people money to live better lives. With the variety of products available at Walmart, you might be wondering if the retailer sells kindles. 

Kindle is an Amazon e-reader that is the best-selling electronic reader. The first kindle tablet took the tablet market by storm and grabbed a fifth of the U.S. market. Kindle competes with the best tablets like Apple’s most expensive iPad.

Does Walmart Sell Kindles?

Unfortunately, Walmart does not sell kindles because it is an Amazon-owned product. In 2012, Amazon stopped selling kindle readers in both their physical stores and their e-commerce platform. 

Why Does Walmart Not Sell Kindle?

In 2012 Walmart discontinued the sale of amazon products, including kindle e-readers. This is because Amazon grew to become one of Walmart’s great competitors. Amazon is an online retailer, and thus has placed kindle readers in different stores to reach more customers. Subscriptions and add-on features are not available in stores and are exclusively sold on Amazon. This made Walmart get very little profit from the sales, which was part of why they stopped selling kindles.

Does Walmart Sell Kindle Accessories?

Yes, you can purchase kindle accessories at the Walmart marketplace. This includes cases, adaptive chargers, skins, and accessory bundles. Walmart allows for the sale of kindle accessories since they are not directly from Amazon but are from third-party merchants. At Walmart marketplace, you will be able to find accessories compatible with the kindle fine series, oasis, and Paperwhite.


What Alternative Does Walmart Offer?

Walmart offers a wide range of alternative e-readers to its customers through its online store. Through a partnership with Rakuten, Walmart can provide a full range of e-readers and audiobooks. The retailer offers four different models of the Kobo range. The price of the e-readers ranges from $99.96-$249 with 3-8GB memory that can support 3000-6000 books. And for just $9.99 monthly, customers can subscribe to Walmart’s audiobook, which is cheaper than Amazon’s monthly subscription.

Are Walmart’s E-Readers Good?

Yes, Kobo e-readers are among the best on the market. They are similar to Amazon’s e-readers in terms of features, design, and memory. If you are looking for something similar to the kindle but a little bit cheaper and still efficient, then you should try out Walmart’s Kobo e-readers.

Where Else Can I Get A Kindle?

You can get everything you need about kindles like the table, add-on features, and subscriptions from Alternatively, you can get the kindle reader at Kohl, BestBuy, staples, game stop, and amazon Pop-Ups.


Although Walmart does not sell kindle, it offers alternatives like the Rakuten Kobo, a high-quality e-reader that is cheaper and more effective. For $99.96-$249, you will be able to purchase your very own Rakuten Kobo e-reader. Visit Walmart’s online store to explore the different e-readers the retailer offers.

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