Does Walmart Sell Empty Capsules In Store?

Does Walmart Sell Empty Capsules In Store?

The need for supplements has been steadily rising in recent times. However, finding the ideal supplements for your needs can be challenging. Capsules are a standard method for dosing pharmaceutical ingredients and supplements.

If you make your supplements yourself, you know exactly what you are putting into your body. Sometimes, capsules made by manufacturers contain low-quality ingredients and fillers that will not help you move forward toward your health goals. If you are goal-oriented, you will know what to optimize in your supplement intake. This way, you eliminate the risk of consuming banned or harmful substances.

To create your supplements, you will need 00 capsule sizes because they are compatible with most capsule fillers. If you are looking for empty gelatin capsules, you may wonder whether Walmart stocks them. Luckily, Walmart sells empty capsules in stores.

Which Empty Capsules does Walmart Sell?

Some people prefer capsules to tablets, as they find them easy to swallow. Walmart sells empty gelatin capsules of different sizes for compatibility with your equipment and product. In addition, it ensures the capsules are in stock in all their stores so that consumers can get them wherever they are.

Most people prefer size 00 as it’s the largest size that can fit most of your supplement’s active ingredients. However, you can also check the capsule size chart to see which dosages of your active ingredient fit in different sizes. You can then choose the size you prefer.

What are the Walmart capsules made of?

Hard gelatin capsules are made from natural bovine sources, while soft capsules are made from animal protein, water, and a plasticizing component like glycerine to enhance durability.

Gelatin is essential human development and consumption component. It is an animal protein recognized as safe for food consumption by most international regulatory bodies. However, it does not always suit the dietary needs of every person.

What Walmart’s reasons are for selling empty capsules?

  • High closure reliability: Walmart capsule shells are made to near-perfection to eliminate production issues.
  • High standards: The empty capsules are made according to GMP standards and packaged in cutting-edge facilities using pharmaceutical-grade materials only. Walmart capsules are also GMO-free and are made from natural sources. In addition, their capsules are rigorously tested through quality control to ensure customer satisfaction.

Why you should consider Walmart empty capsules

Gelatin capsules are the most common drug containers used in the pharmaceutical industry. However, consider buying empty gelatin capsules for your supplements from Walmart because they come in soft and hard forms.

Soft gelatin capsules are produced from one piece of gelatin instead of attaching two halves. They are ideal for oil-based solutions and not water because water dissolves the gelatin. Upon ingestion, the capsule dissolves within the body and releases the drug.

Hard gelatin capsules comprise two parts, the body and the cap, each with a different color. In addition, this type holds dry ingredients in the form of powder. When ingested, they disintegrate within minutes and release the drug.

Although capsules help carry supplements, the gelatin can be ground for the growth of bacteria. Therefore, it is essential to thoroughly analyze and inspect your empty gelatin capsules for any signs of bacteria.

In addition, gelatin is derived from animal bones, making gelatin capsules unsuitable for vegetarians. Instead, vegetarians should find other capsules made from cellulose called hypromellose.


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