Does Walmart Offer Military Discount?

Does Walmart Offer Military Discount?

Walmart is among the leading global market retailers thanks to its over 11,000 stores in different nations and is a billion-dollar company with customers worldwide. It is best known for its affordable items, such as electronics, food, home products, and more.

The store allows its customers to shop online through the Walmart app or with Walmart Grocery for fresh food items, perishables, medicinal supplies, household essentials, and more. In addition, you can visit their website for a complete list of services and products available online and in-store.

With Walmart being the world’s largest retailer, you may want to know if it offers military discounts. You will find the answer to this question here.

What is a Military Discount?

A military discount is offered by various retailer stores to active-duty service members, reservists, veterans, retirees, and their families, allowing them to save on travel, food, electronics, clothing, and more items.

However, you need to show your military ID in such stores to redeem the discounts. Many stores offer military discounts to show appreciation to military service members for their service.

Does Walmart offer a Military Discount?

No, Walmart does not currently offer a military discount. However, you can often check their stores for updates as they may adjust their policies at any time.

Regardless, Walmart has a Mission program for eligible veterans who have been honorably discharged from 2013 and their spouses. In addition, Walmart honors them through Walmart careers. The retailer has hired over 300,000 veterans to date and provides healthcare, community, and economic support for veteran and active service members.

Walmart also plans to expand its military service members’ support by empowering veterans’ businesses, increasing their access to healthcare, and launching a platform that provides veterans with an audit of their experience, education, and skills.

How can veterans save at Walmart?

Although veterans cannot enjoy a military discount at Walmart, they can use the other available avenues to save. Here are several ways they can use.

Weekly Ad posts

Walmart offers continuous deals with great promotional offers and rollback savings in-store and online. It is best to find your nearest store to see the latest ads in your location.

Cardholder program

Walmart prides itself in its cardholder program. The store liaises with Capital One to offer the card to applicants with eligible credit. Customers can then enjoy reward opportunities on gas and a 5% off purchases introductory offer for the first year.

Employee discounts

Veterans working at Walmart qualify for a 10% employee discount through the Walmart discount card.

Does Walmart offer shipping for veterans?

Veterans who make good these discounts can then have their purchases shipped to their APO/FPO address of choice. First, however, they should check whether overseas shipping is available for their product by entering their address on the online check-out platform.

Although Walmart does not offer military discounts online or in-store, they actively support military service members and their spouses with various support packages. If you are looking for specific stores that offer military discounts, there is a wide range to choose from across the U.S.


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