Does Target Sell Cigarettes?

Does Target Sell Cigarettes?

Target is a retail cooperation ranked as the eighth-largest retailer in the United States. The retailer sells products through its stores and digital channels; it has more than 1900 stores across different states in the country. You can get various products from Target, like electronics, food, furniture, jewelry, pet supplies, shoes, beauty and health products, and many more products. With the vast range of products, you might be wondering if the retailer sells cigarettes.

Does Target Sell Cigarettes?Target does not sell cigarettes or other tobacco products in their physical stores or online platforms. The retailer also does not sell any smoking supplies except lighters and ash-trays. Target only sell nicotine gums and lozenges for people who want to quit smoking. Many other retailers have begun to cut down on cigarettes and other nicotine products.

Why Does Target Not Sell Cigarettes And Other Tobacco Products?

Target stopped selling tobacco products in 1996; Target cited costs as the primary reason for cutting tobacco sales. It was costing the retailer too much to keep cigarette stock from minors. The company was also worried about causing health problems and protecting its image. Target is now a tobacco-free store in all its locations across the U.S., endorsing good health through all of its products.

Does Target Sell E-Cigarettes?

Target does not sell e-cigarettes or vaping devices. This is because they are tobacco products that the retailer does not sell. However, many vape shops and online vape stores offer different vaping products; you can check them out if you want to purchase the products.

Does Target Sell E-Cigarette Supplies?

Target does not sell e-cigarette supplies, including products like replacement pods and cartridges. It also does not refill vape liquids in-store or online. You will also not find any specific batteries for vaping equipment. You can still find standard batteries like A.A. batteries from shops or Targets’ websites. If your vaping device uses the standard USB and micro USB, you can find the charging cord at target.

Does Target Sell Cigars?

Target does not sell cigars or any products related to cigars in either their stores or through their online platforms. However, the retailer has informative books about the history of cigars, different kinds of cigars, and sourced. If you are interested in getting to learn more about cigars, grab a copy at any target store or


What Cigarette Supplies Does Target Sell?

You can find certain cigarette supplies in Target, the supplies include:

  • Lighters
  • Lighter car adapters
  • Indoor and outdoor flame-resistant ash-trays
  • Butt receptacles used for safe smoking disposal

To purchase a cigarette lighter or other cigarette supplies from Target, you must possess valid government-issued identification.

Does Target Sell Products To Help Quit Smoking?

Target has products that assist its customers in quitting smoking; the products are stocked in their pharmacies and they include nicotine gums, nicotine patches, and lozenges in different flavors and sizes. The products are from Nicorette, NicoDerm, and even Target’s brand, which is very affordable. Anyone who needs to quit smoking can access these products from Target.


Target is conscious about endorsing good health, and the retailer sells products to help their customers quit smoking. You can get the products from any target store or online platform at very affordable prices.

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