Does Rite Aid Sell Alcohol?

Does Rite Aid Sell Alcohol?

Rite Aid is a drug store chain ranked among the best stores in the United States. It is the biggest drug store on the east coast and the third-largest in the United States. The corporation has approximately 2500 stores in 19 states and employs over 5100 employees. The store has a wide variety of items ranging from pharmaceutical, beauty, personal care, grocery, baby products and beverages.

With the list of products offered by Rite-Aid, you might be wondering if the drug store sells alcohol. Rite Aid sells alcohol, including wine, gin, whisky, vodka, scotch and cocktails.

Does Rite Aid Sell Alcohol Online?

You can buy alcohol online at Rite Aid via instacart. This allows you to save time and effort by simply ordering your favorite alcohol brand and getting it delivered to your doorstep. It is very easy to cancel your order if you place a wrong order or change your mind about an order you placed. You may be charged a cancellation fee, so it’s important to ensure you are purchasing products before placing an order.

What Is Required To Buy Alcohol At Rite Aid?

To buy alcohol at Rite Aid, you must possess a valid government-issued identification like at most stores. You must be of legal drinking age to purchase liquor at the store. If you purchase alcohol online at Rite Aid, you must show your identification on delivery of the alcohol.

This means you have to be present to receive the delivery. Rite Aid can refuse to deliver to you if you cannot prove you are of legal drinking age.

Does Rite Aid Offer All Brands Of Alcohol?

Rite Aid offers most if not all brands of alcohol. The selection of brands of alcohol varies from one store to the other. This depends on the store’s location; if the state permits the sale, you will find a wide selection of alcohol brands at the Rite Aid stores.

Most Rite Aid stores are always well stocked with most alcohol brands, so you don’t need to worry about finding your favorite alcohol out of stock.

Can I Return Alcohol To Rite Aid?

Rite Aid accepts alcohol and other items returned within 30 days of the receipt date. You are offered an exchange, credit, refund or store credit through a Rite Aid merchandise return card.

If you return alcohol bought at the store without a receipt, you may receive a Rite Aid merchandise return card for the lowest selling price of the product. Alternatively, you can opt to make a product exchange of the alcohol. 


There are numerous stores to shop at, but Rite Aid stands out as one of the best stores in the United States. This is because it offers products and services that help you lead a happy and healthy lifestyle.

The right alcohol can add a nice finishing touch to your meals and parties; thus, it is important to make the right choice for your alcohol. Stop by Rite Aid stores to stock up on different alcohol brands at great prices.


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