Does Port Wine Cheese Have Alcohol in It?

Does Port Wine Cheese Have Alcohol in It?

Port wine cheese is an orange-red-colored cheese typically used as a cheese spread on foods such as crackers. It can be rolled into cylindrical shapes or balls and sometimes covered in nuts. Port wine is a mass-produced product in the United States, and you might be wondering if the cheese has alcohol in it.

Does Port Wine Cheese Have Alcohol in It?

Yes, port wine cheese is heavily dosed with alcoholic port wine. It is typically a blend of port wine and cheddar cheese, a sharp-tasting cow’s milk cheese famous in the United States and Britain. Port wine is a fortified wine with its origins in Portugal. The wine is considered fortified because a natural spirit is added to the vats during fermentation. This gives the wine a sweeter taste with higher alcoholic content than standard wines and is often enjoyed after dinner or dessert wine.

Port wine’s intense flavor and sweetness go well with flavorful cheeses like stilton. The combination is a classic cheese and wine pairing, and some restaurants still serve it as a dessert.

What Kind of Cheese Is Port Wine Cheese?

Port wine cheese is not considered a gourmet foodtuff, but many people still enjoy it.

How Is Port Wine Cheese Made?

Port wine cheese is made by processing the components until a smooth, spreadable texture is achieved. The soft, creamy texture is the perfect addition to your favorite recipe or spread atop crackers or crusty bread. The cold pack of port wine cheese requires refrigeration to stay fresh for longer. The cheese will stay good for about 30-60 days if refrigerated.

Port wine cheese is usually served as an appetizer with an assortment of crackers, sliced bread, and credits.

Can I Make My Port Wine Cheese At Home?

Port wine cheese is easy to find in most supermarkets and retail stores, but people prefer to make their spread. Recipes vary, but they usually blend sharp cheddar cheese with softer cheese like Neufchatel or heavy cream and port wine. Seasonings such as garlic, mustard, and Worcestershire sauce may be added. Some recipes may also include chopped nuts in the cheese mixture. Others instruct the cook to form the mixture into balls or logs rolled in chopped nuts. 

Commercially made cheese has a unique color scheme, but homemade cheese spread typically does not have the marbling effect, but it has a salmon pink color instead. For maximum flavor, the cheese spread is made 24 hours in advance and refrigerated in an airtight container to allow the flavors to meld.

Port wine cheese is a fine tradition at Christmas and is enjoyed at many Christmas dinners. Different port wines are used in the cheese enjoyed primarily during the festive season. They include tawny ports that change flavor profiles depending on their age. The standard 20-year-old version is a sweater and a great alternative to other sweet dessert wines. On the other hand, Vintage port has extraordinary power with deep fruit spice and chocolate. This port needs a robust cheese to stand up to its strength. Get your port wine cheese and enjoy the delight of paring it with your meals.


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