Does Menards Sell TVs?

Does Menards Sell TVs?

Does Menards Sell TVs?

Menard, founded by John Menard Jr, operates over 300 stores in 15 states throughout the Midwest. It is the nation’s third-largest home improvement chain after Home Depot and Lowe’s. Its stores sell lumber and home improvement products such as hardware, tools, and paint. Menard is also involved in residential real estate development, with several large subdivisions under construction and development in Indiana and Illinois.

Does Menard Sell TVs?

Yes, Menard sells TVs. So whether you want to listen to music, surf the web, or watch TV, Menards has all of the electronics you need! If you’re looking to dress up your living space, consider investing in one of our television mounts. We offer fixed, tilt, and more mounts.

How Much Does A Flat-Screen TV Cost?

For a 40- or 50-inch flat-screen, it will cost you several hundred dollars, while larger 60- or 70-inch flat screens cost close to $1,000 or more. Advanced TV sets like weatherproof outdoor television will be a bit expensive. Despite the price, they are pretty worth investing in since they are an excellent option to watch movies or sports in your backyard.

What TV Sets Does Menards Sell?

The company sells 37-inch and 42-inch LCD TVs, both of them from best buy. The television sets go for $1,999 and $3,199, respectively.

Does Menard Sell TVs Online?

Yes, Menard sells some TV sets online from their website, while others will have to visit their store to get one by themselves, and maybe they will offer you delivery services after you have purchased from the store.

What Else Can You Buy At Menards?

If you need to shop for any department in your household, Menards should be your next stop. They offer a variety of products, including:

  • BIG Additional Categories. Apparel.
  • Appliances. Air Conditioners & Dehumidifiers.
  • Bath. Bathroom fans.
  • Doors, Windows & Millwork. Acrylic & Glass Sheeting.
  • Electrical. Alternative Energy.
  • Flooring & Rugs. Area Rugs, Mats & Runners.
  • Kitchen. Backsplashes & Wall Tiles.
  • Lighting & Ceiling Fans. Ceiling Fans.

How Long Does Delivery Take After An Order?

You can expect to receive your items 1 to 2 weeks after placing your order; however, some items may take longer to arrive. Therefore, we ask that you please consider processing and shipping when you place your order.

Bottom Line

Lastly, if you choose to buy a TV in a store instead of online, do keep one thing in mind: Don’t waste time. Not yours, but the time of the service provider you speak to. If you are sure you have zero intentions to buy in that store, it’s polite to let them know up front, so if necessary, they can help a different customer that might turn into a sale.

Are you building a new home or updating your current electrical system? Menards is the place for load centers, circuit protection, and any electrical appliances. Don’t worry about the budget; Menards has considered your pocket situation. Shop today at Menards and get the best deals for TVs.


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