Does Lowe’s Offer Military Discount?

Does Lowe’s Offer Military Discount?

Home improvement retail giant Lowe’s is one of the top retailers in the industry. You may also be wondering whether the store offers a discount to military personnel. Here’s the answer.

Does Lowe’s offer a military discount?

Yes, Lowe’s offers military service members a 10% discount every day. The store proudly shows support to the military community by providing this Everyday Military Discount and is one of the ways they appreciate them.

The discount is available on most full-price items in the store. However, military service members need to show their military IDs to redeem the discount. In addition, Lowe’s partners with to check a member’s discount eligibility in real-time.

Who is eligible for Lowe’s military discount?

Lowe’s extends its military discount to military service members like active-duty service members, veterans, retirees, and spouses. In addition, Lowe’s acknowledges military spouses as pillars of strength, stability, and joy, and thus the discount is an appreciation for everything they do.

The discount extends to active-duty or veteran members of the US Air Force, US Navy, US Army, US Marine Corps, US Space Force, US Coast Guard, US Public Health Service Commissioned Corps (USPHS), National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), or National Guard. However, veterans who were dishonorably discharged are ineligible for the discount.


Does Lowe’s military discount have a limit?

The Everyday Military Discount has no annual limit. So, you can enjoy massive savings throughout the year. This no-limit feature means you can get whatever item you need, whether picking one essential item or renovating your house and enjoy instant savings.

Where does Lowe’s military discount apply?

You can only enjoy your military discount on purchases eligible for the discount.

However, you cannot use it alongside other offers, discounts, promotions, coupons, or markdowns. The discount cannot also be applied to Lowe’s programs such as Lowe’s Price Promise, price programs like special discount programs on bulk savings, contractor packs, special value, etc., and credit card discounts, among others.

It is also not applicable to past purchases, gift cards, services like product installations, taxes and fees, assembly shipping, and extended protection.

Additionally, you cannot redeem the discount for cash, transfer it, or combine it with manager-discretion price variations. You can visit Lowe’s website for any additional exclusions that may apply.

Where can you use a military discount?

Military service members can enjoy Lowe’s military discount both online and in-store. You need to sign in to your MyLowe’s account for online use, and the discount is automatically applied during checkout.

If you are making a purchase in-store, give the cashier your MyLowe’s card or phone number and a valid photo ID, and the discount is applied to your purchase.

Other ways Lowe’s serves military service members

In addition to the Everyday Military Discount, Lowe’s offers the following services to the military community:

Employment opportunities

Transitioning veterans and military spouses will find Lowe’s an employer of choice. So, Lowe’s has employed about 20,000 military service members.

Veteran parking

Lowe’s has parking spots dedicated to veterans, thus welcoming more military service members into their stores.

Military friendly brand

Military Friendly has ranked Lowe’s among the five leading military-friendly brands in the US.

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