Does Kohl Sell Amazon Gift Cards?

Does Kohl Sell Amazon Gift Cards?

Getting gifts for loved ones can be a difficult process, be it a birthday gift or simply a gift for the holidays. This is why you should try out Amazon gift cards; they are a perfect option when faced with indecisiveness. When your loved ones receive the gift cards, they can choose the gift they want from a wide range of products within the budget you’ve set. 

If you are a regular shopper at Kohl, you might be wondering if the store sells Amazon gift cards. Amazon gift cards are available on the Amazon website, as well as at Kohl’s and other stores. Kohl has over 1100 stores in 49 states, thus making it very accessible to most people.

Does Kohl Sell Amazon Gift Cards Online?

Unfortunately, Kohl does not offer Amazon gift cards online; you’ll have to visit their stores to get the gift card. Kohl is focusing on selling Kohl gifts cards online. Thus all third-party gift cards are only sold in physical stores.

Which Card Denominations Does Kohl Sell?

Kohl offers a wide variety of gift cards that range from $10 to $100. For Amazon gift cards, Kohl offers denominations of $25 or $50 since most shoppers prefer these. The card’s value and the availability of the cards may vary across different Kohl stores.

Does Kohl Charge Extra Fees For Amazon Gift Cards?

Many stores charge an extra fee for gift cards, but Kohl does not charge any extra fees for Amazon gift cards. This also applies to other third-party gift cards that they sell in their stores. You only pay the denomination amount of the card.

Can You Reload Your Amazon Gift Card At Kohl?

If you run out of money on your Amazon card, you won’t be able to reload your card at Kohl’s stores. They do not have the reload option for any third-party card they sell. Alternatively, you can choose to buy a new Amazon card since it will not cost you any extra fees.

Does Kohl Accept Returns Of Amazon Gift Cards After Purchase?

According to Kohl’s return policy, they cannot process any gift card, whether it is a third-party gift card or Kohl’s gift cards purchased in-store. Therefore Kohl does not accept returns of Amazon gift cards.

Which Other Gift Cards Can I Get At Kohl Stores?

Kohl sells its brand gift cards and over 40 other third-party gift cards under different categories like food and beverage, entertainment, and retail. Some include McDonald’s, apple app store, AMC theatre, best buy, and home depot. 


There are plenty of gift cards in the market, but I assure you, you can’t go wrong with amazon gift cards. When you gift your loved one with the card, they’ll enjoy the luxury of getting anything they want since Amazon offers a wide range of products that will leave them spoilt for choice. Visit a kohl store near you and gift your friends and family an amazon gift card, the gift they’ll love.

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