Does Home Depot sell Benjamin Moore paint?

Does Home Depot sell Benjamin Moore paint?

Benjamin Moore Paint is one of the top-rated paint brands in the U.S. It is used in various construction or renovation projects in many homes, commercial places, public areas, and even social spots. It is liked by many because it gives walls sparkling beauty. 

Home Depot is a top store that is famous for selling various paint brands and other home needs at affordable prices. Thus, anyone who wants to shop for items, construction materials, or appliances for their home always visits this store or buys online. But does it sell Benjamin Moore paint? 

Can you get Benjamin Moore paint at Home Depot?

No, they do not sell any Benjamin Moore paint at this store. However, you should not worry much since you can still get it from Home Depot’s color dispensing system. You are required to give the HD associate mixing paint the number or color of the name of the Benjamin Moore paint. The color will be mixed into the preferred HD paints. 

Why does Home Depot not sell Benjamin More paint? 

Though this paint brand is quite special because of its durability, it is not available at Home Depot stores. There are many reasons why it is not sold in this store. The primary reason could be the manufacturer’s preference not to have it retailed at the Home Depot.

Can you buy Benjamin Moore paint elsewhere apart from Home Depot? 

Yes, you can purchase Benjamin Moore paint at the stores and selected hardware stores, as mentioned earlier. Many stores offer online sales where you can order and have the paint delivered. 

So, where can you get Benjamin Moore to paint apart from Home Depot? 

The Benjamin Moore paint can be bought from some independently owned paint stores. In addition, select hardware sells Benjamin Moore paint. Thus, the fact that Home Depot does not sell any Benjamin Moore paint does not mean that you will not get it. In the stores, you will get good Benjamin Moore paints that can be used for both interior and exterior painting projects. 

How to inquire if Home Depot has stocked Benjamin Moore paints? 

If you are still waiting to know if Benjamin Moore’s paint has been stocked, you should be patient. This is because the tore has not yet announced any plans to stock this paint brand. However, if they will stock it, you will learn about it from the news. 

In addition, you can always contact the Home Depot customer care guys to ask. They will direct you on where to find the paint. Alternatively, you can pass by the store and ask the attendants. Lastly on this, sending an email might still work for you. 


You may not find any Benjamin Moore paint at Home Depot as you have learned. This is because Home Depot does not sell it. However, you can get its various stains from other independently owned stores. If they stock it soon, you will eventually find out. 

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