Does Home Depot Deliver Grills?

Does Home Depot Deliver Grills?

Yes, Home Depot will deliver a gas grill right to your doorstep when you buy online or in-store. Ideally, the gas grill you are buying may be found at your local store. However, if the gas grill you are looking for is not found at the store, Home Depot will have it delivered to a place you can pick it up more conveniently.  

The gas grill assembly work is done freely by the retailer. Home Depot also says that all their gas grills are ever-ready for purchase and use.

How much do I spend when buying a good grill?

You will spend between $100-300 when buying a charcoal grill. The old Weber Kettle goes for less than $100. It is more versatile, reliable, and powerful. It is also possible to get a gas unit for as little as $200 to $400.

High-quality gas units will cost you more, about $800. However, you want to keep in mind that paying a higher price for a gas unit does not mean getting the highest quality.

Does Home Depot Install Gas Grills?

No! Keeping in mind that Home Depot offers to assemble gas grills at the collection point, does the retailer also install gas grills for their customers? Home Depot will connect you to plumbers who provide gas and water hook-up.

This retailer also offers only in limited areas to connect customers with contractors who can help you. It is not that difficult to hook up a natural gas grill to an existing gas line right on your patio. This is as simple as connecting the 10 ft.

Do Home Depot gas grills come packed in boxes?

Yes. The truth is that most of the gas grills you will ship from the manufacturer will come unassembled in a box.

However, when collecting your gas grill from the local store, you are free to ask for assembly services. Home Depot makes it easy for you to assemble your gas grills right at the point of collection.

How much does it cost to put a Home Depot grill together?

There are two ways Home Depot can help you pull the grill together. First, you can rent a truck at a different location. Second, you can pay the retailer to deliver an assembled grill to your doorstep or premises. 

The retailer will charge you different fees for delivery depending on your location. However, for most locations, you will pay $79 for a delivery fee. You can have most of your grills delivered to your home for free.

What you need to know when buying gas grills from Home Depot

You can buy a gas grill from Home Depot in-store or online. When buying a gas grill in-store, you should:

  • Check that the gas grill is available online before placing your order. Sometimes the gas grill you are looking for is available in your local store. If not, Home Depot can ship it to your location.
  • Check the grill dimensions on the Home Depot assembly
  • Check the cargo space because you will need a pickup or SUV to haul the grill home. You can also rent a truck to ship your gas grill at your convenience.
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