Does Eyemart Express Take Walk ins?

Does Eyemart Express Take Walk ins?

Eyemart Express is a big eye care entity that offers all people a wide range of services. It has stores or centres all over the country, and anyone with eye problems is allowed to visit. However, many people think that it is a must to have an appointment for eye care. Read this article to find out about walking in and appointments. 

Does Eyemart allow walk-ins? 

Yes, all people with eye complications can just walk in anytime for eye care services. However, you may have to wait because those with appointments are prioritized. This means that you can still visit the centre without an appointment. 

Do I require an appointment at Eyemart Express? 

Yes and No, this is because they can still serve you if you just walked into the store. However, if you have some office, business errands or any other duties that you should run, you should have an appointment. This is because the appointment will help you get quick services at the store. 

People with appointments get fast services and are prioritized. You can still leverage this fact by booking an appointment in advance. It will save you the hustle of having to wait while the attendants serve those with appointments. They recommend that you book for their services if you want to get timely services. 

Those that are coming for eye exams and contact lens examinations are allowed just to walk in and get helped. However, if you are visiting for a different service, it would be best to book for the service to avoid delays. 

Is Eyemart Express easy to find? 

Yes, it is incredibly easy to find the store. You can always search on the internet, and you will get a map that directs you to the store. You can get Eyemart Express near me when you search on Google. 

Can I call Eyemart Express before Visiting? 

Yes, this is allowed. You can find their contacts on their website, review pages or anywhere else to get in touch with them. Calling before a walk in is a good idea because you can book an appointment via the 

Can you bring frames to Eyemart Express?

Yes, you can come with your updated prescription to the store, and the present optician will help you. After the purchase, the new prescription will be added to your online user account, and you will be able to get additional pairs that are suitable for you. 

Bottom Line

Eyemart Express can help you even if you do not have an appointment. This means that there is no need to book for the service in advance. You can call the customer care team to book the services you need if you want quick services. This is because you may have to wait while the optician attends to those that had appointments. Thus, if you never get time for eye care services, you should book for the services in advance to avoid waiting for long. 

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