Does Dollar General Take Apple Pay?

Does Dollar General Take Apple Pay?

Dollar General Corporation offers some amazingly cheap prices. As a result, it’s often the favorite convenience when it comes to home décor, clothing, groceries health, and beauty supplies.

Apple Pay meanwhile is a contactless mode of payment that makes checking out easy and fast. It is one of the most convenient ways to shop as it makes payments as simple as tapping your phone.

Apple Pay is only accessible for those with iOS devices like iPhone and Apple Watch. Your iOS device becomes a digital card that can make contactless payments anywhere Apple Pay is accepted.

On that note, not all retailers accept Apple Pay as a payment method. Since most customers use Dollar General, you might be wondering if they take Apple Pay.

So, here is what you need to know about Dollar General and Apple Pay.

Does Dollar Accept Apple Pay

Dollar General accepts Apple Pay only when you use their self-checkout and not at their traditional cash registers.

That means if your local Dollar General doesn’t have a self-checkout, then Apple Pay will not be accepted as payment.

Self-checkouts, also known as self-service checkouts or assisted checkouts are machines that provide customers with a mechanism to complete their transaction from a store/retailer without needing a traditional staffed checkout.

Dollar General Stores that are currently not accepting Apple Pay are those ones that do not have self-checkouts, as Apple Pay support appears to be a self-checkout exclusive feature.

As the company rolls out self-checkout services to numerous locations, its acceptance of Apple Pay will increase.

This is because the self-checkout is developed with a payment terminal that can accept Apple Pay, as opposed to a cash register which is yet to be updated.

The fact that Dollar General is taking Apple Pay in some of its stores, Apple card users will be able to get 2% in Daily Cash on every purchase they make from the self-checkout in the store, provided that they pay from their iOS devices.

How To Use Apple Pay at Dollar General

The first thing is to set up Apple Pay on your iPhone or Apple watch.  If you’ve already done that, you can skip this process and proceed to the later section.

The next thing is to confirm if your local Dollar General has self-checkouts. If it does, then it’s possible that they accept Apple Pay at those checkouts, but not at the traditional staffed cash register.

If there are no checkouts at your local Dollar General store, then Apple Pay will not be accepted at that store.

How do you know if your Dollar General takes Apple Pay?

Well, you can call your local Dollar General and ask if they accept Apple Pay.

But here is a more convenient method.

You can use Apple Maps to know if a store takes Apple Pay. You can download this app in the Apple App Store- even though is most probably already on your device.

Once you have accessed the app, check for the Dollar General you want to visit and scroll down to the “useful to Know” section. There, if the store accepts Apple Pay, you will see the Apple Pay logo “ Accepts Apple”.

There may be a few reasons why Dollar General hasn’t made the full transition yet. These include processing fees and the fact that DG GO is Dollar General’s own contactless digital wallet.

DG GO allows customers to scan items while shopping. It helps to make the shopping and checkout faster and easier.

In hindsight, Dollar General wants people to use their app rather than other companies’ app. Perhaps that’s why they don’t want to allow their consumers to use the competitor’s app.

Other Forms of Payments Accepted in Dollar General Stores

Despite that not all Dollar General stores take Apple Pay, the company accepts other several forms of payments.

Dollar General takes Visa credit cards, Discover network cards, Mastercard, American Express, EBT, debit cards, gift cards, cash and check for payment. 

Customers can also get cashback at Dollar General using their Visa or Mastercard debit card or Discover credit card.

Dollar General also takes PayPal for its online stores. However, the company does not have layaway plans.

Customers can also use the above methods aside from checks and cash for their online store.

Lastly, you can use D GO to complete your payments as you shop. Note that not every store currently support DG GO. So, you might want to check with your local store first.


The Bottom Line

Although Dollar General does not list Apple Pay as one of their accepted payment methods, a Twitter response from Dollar General stated that some stores have been updated to accept Apple Pay.

Since the tweet states “some of our stores” it’s safe to assume that the acceptance of Apple Pay in Dollar General is likely to be a gradual one.

So, it does take Apple at some stores.

Moreover, the company recently confirmed that it has begun accepting contactless payment methods such as Apple Pay in its stores.

In simple terms, Dollar General accepts Apple Pay or either of the major smartphone payments apps. These include Google Pay and Samsung Pay. The company does not seem to have plans to introduce support for these apps, however.

Nonetheless, it offers its own app, DG GO, which can scan products while shopping and use a QR code to pay with your phone at select stores.

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