Does Dollar General Sell Windshield Wipers?

Does Dollar General Sell Windshield Wipers?

Dollar General has remained the leading discount retailer established in the United States. The retailer provides customers with low prices and quality. Dollar General has extended its significance as a famous discount retailer brand. The retailer has over 15,742 stores in different states in the United States; currently, they do not have an international store. With the wide range of products available at Dollar General, you might be wondering if you can get windshield wipers at the store.

Does Dollar General Sell Windshield Wipers?

Yes, you can get windshield wipers at Dollar General at affordable prices. Keep your cars looking great with quality windshields from Dollar General.

Why Does A Quality Windshield Matter?

Visibility through the windshield is crucial for safe driving; thus, having quality blades is essential for staying safe on the road during bad weather, dusty driving conditions, and even insect swarms. Changing wiper blades is usually straightforward and often does not require tools, and many auto parts stores can help with the installation of new wiper blades.

How Much Does A Windshield Wiper Cost At Dollar General?

Windshield wipers cost an average of about $32 to about 52. You can hall the three types of windshields at Dollar General, i.e., the conventional, flat, and hybrid. If your car came with the conventional windshield wiper, it could be replaced with a flat or hybrid wiper for performance and visual upgrade. 

Changing the Wiper Blades 

When replacing wiper blades on your car, you can either replace the entire wiper blade or just the rubber insert. When changing only the rubber insert, you need needle-nose pliers; thus, many people prefer to install a whole new blade each time for simplicity.

How to Choose the Right Windshield Wiper For Your Car

Every car has a manufacturer-recommended size of wiper blade, specific to that make, model, and year. It is essential to select a replacement blade of the correct size for your particular vehicle. There are several ways to find out the correct wiper size for your car. You can look at the owner’s manual or measure the wiper blades currently on your vehicle. On some vehicles, the two blades are different sizes, and it is crucial to install the correct size on both driver’s and passenger’s sides of the car. The staff at dollar general will help you will get the right windshield wiper for your vehicle. 

If you put longer than recommended wiper blades on your car, the wiper may bump into each other, damaging the wiper motor or leading to damage the blades themselves. An oversized blade also may not conform to the shape leaving uncleared areas and reducing visibility. Blades that are too small for the car do not get the entire windshield cleared, leading to a loss of visibility.


The type of wiper blade and the brand you choose is really to your liking, but a set of wipers of a national brand will cost more. The price difference depends on the brand for each of the three wiper blade types. If you are looking for a great set of wipers that last long and can withstand extreme rain and snow, check out the different types of wipers at general dollar stores.

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