Does Dollar General Sell Spray Paint?

Does Dollar General Sell Spray Paint?

Dollar General is an American series of stores founded in 1939 and has more than 18,000 stores in the continental United States. It holds its headquarters in Goodlettsville, Tennessee, and its general goal is to make shopping hassle-free and affordable for all consumers. Dollar General offer day-to-day low prices on their products, from soft drinks, beer, wine, health and beauty aids, foods, paper products, housewares to seasonal items. This store is not limited to Dollar General’s private brand products, but it sells other products from well-known brands.

 Are you a low-income shopper looking for a store that you can be proud to shop in, a store you can have confidence in or a store that is fun to shop in and exciting to visit? Dollar General should be what to opt for. By building small stores in rural towns across the United States, Dollar General has become a retail empire to attract low-income shoppers. Considering the wide range of products this store offers, you might wonder if Dollar General sells spray paint. Let’s find out!

 Spray Paint at Dollar General

If you are wondering if Dollar General Sells Spray Paint, then yes, they do sell. If you want to paint your house, store or furniture, and don’t know where to find your spray paint, visit Dollar General. In their arts and crafts department is where you will be able to get your spray paint. Specifically, the Dollar General store carries only one brand of spray paint that has made their selection limiting compared to a regular paint store. Though from several reviews, it is seen that the paint is not highly regarded, and the only thing that attracts customers to buy this specific paint from Dollar General is the fair price point.


What Spray Paint Does Dollar General Offer?

Dollar General sells Miracle Spray paint, an aerosol similar to hairspray and some

Selected perfumes. It is designed to dispense paint uniformly compared to other

Standard brush methods. It is also fast, and you are assured of quality painting.


You can either use the self-contained aerosol that liquifies gases to atomize the paint or opt for an industrial spray that relies on special air compressors that break the paint into a fine mist. Dollar General stocks standard colors such as black, red, gold, white and blue. 

 What are the costs of Dollar General’s spray paints?

 You shop at Dollar General every day and want to buy spray paint, but you’re afraid the prices will be too high? Don’t worry about going over your budget because this store offers spray paint brands that even low-income shoppers can afford. For as slow as $1.35-$3.35, you will be able to get your container of Miracle spray paint. Create a fantastic look inside your home and outside with Miracle spray paint.


Dollar General is a store of choice for many customers looking for products at a cheap price. Despite Dollar General’s limited spray paint range, you are assured of standard colors like black, red, gold, and blue and white.


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