Does Dollar General Sell Space Heaters?

Does Dollar General Sell Space Heaters?

Space heaters are devices that heat small spaces or single rooms. They use electricity or burnable fuel like propane or natural gas. However, it is advisable to get portable space heaters because they are electric and do not require a permanent exhaust. So, does Dollar General, your everyday shopping store, sell space heaters?

Does Dollar General Sell Space Heaters?

No, currently, Dollar General does not sell space heaters. Although they do not expressly state this on their website, a simple search for ‘space heaters’ on their website’s search interface does not provide any results for space heaters. Instead, the search gives you results for other household supplies that Dollar General sells. With this observation, we can conclude that Dollar General does not sell space heaters.

Why Does Dollar General not Sell Space Heaters?

A couple of years ago, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recalled the heaters that Dollar General had sold. This recall resulted from multiple instances where the heaters overheated and burst into flames. Specifically, the overheated heater brands were True Living Heater Fans and Portable Quarts Radiant Heaters and were exclusively sold at Dollar General.

About 92,000 space heaters were recalled after eight reports of the True Living heaters and 21 reports of the Quarts heaters overheating were made.

Although there were no fatalities in these incidents, consumers reported minor hand burns and electrical outlets and walls damage. They also reported that the heater units smoked, and their plastic casings melted.

Following the recall, Dollar General had to accept all space heater returns of the two brands and make a full refund for them. Since then, the store is yet to restock space heaters.

Where can you Get Space Heaters?

Sadly, a store with everything you need for your home does not have space heaters. However, there are other alternative stores to get space heaters at affordable prices.

You can get space heaters from ACE Hardware, Bi-Mart, Fleet Farm, Harbor Freight, Menards, Ollie’s Bargain Outlet, and more. You can also enjoy significant savings on heaters in these stores by checking for promotions, discounts, and deals on their websites.

Which Space Heaters Are the Best?

Everyone has different heat preferences for their homes. The best space heater should heat your space to that right level you desire, without too much noise and effort. If you are buying your first space heater, choosing the right one can be challenging. However, here are a few trusted brands with great features and affordable prices that you can invest in.

  • Dyson hot and cool jet focus fan heater
  • Vornado personal space heater
  • Duraflame portable electric infrared quartz oscillating tower heater
  • Lasko Digital ceramic tower heater
  • Honeywell Energy Smart electric oil filled radiator
  • GiveBest portable electric space heater
  • De’Longhi Capsule Ceramic heater

Before buying a space heater, ensure it’s safe and efficient. Your home requires safe and efficient heating. Also, ensure it’s affordable. Finally, check for discounts on the suggested brands from your store of choice. We can only hope that Dollar General will restock space heaters in the future.

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