Does Dollar General Sell Roku?

Does Dollar General Sell Roku?

Dollar General is famous for offering budget products at budget prices. The retailer makes shopping for everyday needs simple by providing a wide range of favored brands at low prices. Dollar General provides convenience to its customers by providing quality brands at low prices. You might be wondering if Dollar General offers Roku products.

Does Dollar General Sell Roku Devices?

Unfortunately, Dollar General does not sell Roku devices. Roku’s devices are available at many retailers like Amazon, Wal-Mart and Best Buy, and Roku’s online store. Although Dollar General does not offer Roku products, you can get other electronic products from different retailers’ brands.

What Is Roku?

 Roku is a device for your TV used to watch movies and TV shows through apps. With Roku, you can watch free and paid video content on your TV via the internet. TV and movie streaming services like Netflix download onto Roku devices. Most of the content is prerecorded; but services like Netflix allow many contents to be viewed just a day after its initial airing on television. If you want to buy a new TV, a Roku TV has all the functionality of a Roku built into a Quality TV.

Where Can You Get a Roku Device

If you are looking for Roku devices, you can get them from Wal-Mart, Amazon, Best Buy, or Roku’s online store. Wal-Mart offers the most extensive selection of Roku devices, including exclusive models like the Roku Express + and Roku ultra LT. You will get the most variety and online brick-and-mortar options at the stores. You can purchase Roku devices from Wal-Mart’s retail stores and online stores. The retailer offers free two-day shipping when you are buying Roku products worth $35 and above.

Best buy also carries Roku’s devices. You can buy the products from their online store or via a brick-and-mortar location. The retailer sells all Roku models and offers the exclusive Roku streaming stick and headphone edition. In addition, Best Buy has very competitive prices for the Roku devices.

What Are The Available Roku Models?

Roku has different models like the Roku Ultra, Roku Express, and the Roku Express 4K+, which was recently released as the budget option for new streamers as it’s very affordable and provides features like 4Kvideo and HDR10+ support, and its price is approximately $40. The model does not support Dolby Vision, a feature found in the Roku streaming stick 4K for $49.99. Roku models support a high dynamic range on HDR-compatible TVs.

How Much Does Roku Cost?

Roku devices cost as follows:

  • The Roku Ultra- $69.99
  • Roku Express 4K+- $39.99
  • Roku Express- $29.99
  • Roku streaming stick 4K-$59.99

You can get better prices for the above products from Amazon.


Dollar General does not offer Roku devices in their physical or online stores, but you can get a wide range of electronic products from the retailer at affordable prices. Stop by a Dollar General store or visit their online store to explore the store’s electronic products selection at meager prices.


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