Does Dollar General Sell Milk?

Does Dollar General Sell Milk?

Dollar General is among the most popular budget retailers in America. The company has more than 15,000 stores in different states across the United States. The store offers a variety of products in-store and through their online stores. It provides the best prices for thousands of products, making it easy for consumers to purchase most of the products offered by the retailer. With the wide assortment of products, you might be wondering if Dollar General sells milk.

Does Dollar General Sell Milk?

Yes, Dollar General sells different milk brands at very affordable prices in all their retail stores across the country. The milk brands include Clover Valley and Dairy Pure, which is packed with the nutrients you need. A serving of milk contains 10% daily vitamin D and 20% daily calcium. The milk comes fresh and cold. Dairy pure milk is an easy way to fit more nutrients into your day.

The store also offers Shamrock farms whole milk, which is pure, fresh, and nutritious and does not contain added hormones. Dollar General ensures milk gets to consumers fresher, faster, and tastier. This is through rigorous testing and cold packaging, and shipping.

Can I Purchase The Milk Online From Dollar General?

Unfortunately, milk is only available in-store, and you cannot purchase it from Dollar General’s online store. You have to visit the physical location to buy the milk, but because Dollar General has very many stores, there is probably a store near you where you can purchase milk. Find the nearest store to you on Dollar General’s website and make your purchase today.

Is Milk At Dollar General Good?

There have been several complaints about milk from Dollar General, with some customers claiming that the milk has a weird aftertaste. There are a couple of reasons why customers may choose not to buy milk from the retailer. One is that dollar stores sell lower quality dairy products at higher prices due to limited quantities at the average grocery store. Another reason is its shelf life after you buy it. Some customers have complained about milk from dollar stores expiring sooner than anticipated. 

Can I Return Milk At Dollar General?

Dollar General’s return policy states that you can return any product within 30 days as long as it is in good condition and this includes milk. If unsatisfied with the quality of milk, you can return it in-store with the purchase receipt. Once you have returned the milk, you can either get the total refund amount or receive the refund amount on a gift card.

If you don’t have the receipt, it is still possible to return the product to Dollar General. In this case, you will either receive the refund amount on a dollar general gift card or be given the option to exchange the item for another product of the same or lesser value.



Shopping at dollar general is an amazing to save money and stock up on what you need. Stop by at any Dollar General store and get all the products you need at a discounted price.

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