Does Dollar General Sell Ethernet Cables?

Does Dollar General Sell Ethernet Cables?

Dollar General is one of the most reliable budget retailers offering a wide selection of electronics. You can shop for prepaid phones, radio, HDMI cables, and coaxial when you visit the store. Unfortunately, DG does not offer Ethernet cables in most of their franchises.

 If you want to buy Ethernet cables, you can try Amazon, eBay, and Walmart. You can get some of these at an affordable price.

Are HDMI cables from Dollar General any good?

Not exactly! When you buy HDMI cables from DG, you are not going to spend more, but these will not last any longer than most of the expensive cables. HDMI cables from DG do not last longer than those from other online shops. Therefore, the best place to have your HDMI cables is from Amazon and eBay if you want to get value for the money you spend.

If you need USB cables, you can get these from gas stations and big-box computer stores in your state. Low–cost USB and HDMI cables are usually of low quality.

Does Dollar General sell universal remotes?

Yes, you can get some inexpensive universal remotes from your local DG store. The retailer offers you cheap universal remotes that you can use to control various devices. 

You can program this universal remote control to control your DVD player, VCR, TV, stereo, and other components at your convenience.

Does Dollar General have speaker wires?

One of the best deals you get from Dollar General is speaker wires. You can get up to 50 feet of a two-conductor speaker wire for just a buck. Dollar General is the place to go if you are looking for inexpensive speaker wires to connect your stereo.

Is Dollar General the cheapest store to buy computer cables?

Yes, Dollar General offers you the most inexpensive computer cables you can find on the market. For only $20 or less, you can find a PS/2 USB adapter cable, an Ethernet coupler, and a 12-foot Ethernet cable at some stores. 

Most DG stores will not offer you the best electronics out there. However, when they do, you will probably spend less than you should when buying your supplies in specialty electronics stores.


Do you know what not to buy at Dollar General Stores?

It is needless to say that most of the DG stores are always parked with great deals on home supplies, phones, and other electronics. When you buy aging or second-hand electronics from DG, you are going to save a lot. 

Some of the items you should avoid buying from DG even when the deal is too good include earphones, speakers, adapters, extension cords, USB sticks, phone chargers, headphones, and batteries. Battery-operated toys and power tools are also a no-go when shopping at DG stores.

Do Dollar General Sell iPhone cases?

Yes, DG offers iPhone cases that come in different varieties, snap, tough, skin, soft, and wallet styles. You can choose any iPhone case at an affordable price. The cases come in high-quality prints that do not fade easily.


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