Does Dollar General Sell Ensure?

Does Dollar General Sell Ensure?

Dollar General is a renowned retailer known for offering merchandise at very affordable prices. You are guaranteed to get all you need from their store at Dollar General. You are probably wondering whether you can get ensure from Dollar General. Ensure provides concentrated calories and protein to help patients gain or maintain a healthy weight. It is best suited for patients with malnutrition who are experiencing involuntary weight loss.

What is Ensure?

Ensure is a ready-to-drink shake that is a product of Abbott Nutrition. Ensure shakes are divided into four categories like complete, balanced nutrition, including Ensure original and Ensure plus. This category helps maintain or gain weight. The second category is advanced nutrition which includes Ensure Enlive, which supports muscles, bones, the heart, immune and digestive systems. The third category is Targeted Nutrition which includes Ensure Light, Ensure High protein and Ensure Plant-based protein designed to help build muscles. The last category is specialty therapeutic nutrition that is designed to help patients before and after surgery. They include Ensure Compact, Ensure Surgery and Ensure Pre-Surgery.

Does Dollar General Sell Ensure?

 Yes, Dollar General sells ensure in their retail stores. You can find different brands of Ensure at Dollar General. Ensure is also available in Dollar General’s online store.

What Brands Of Ensure Does Dollar General Offer?

Dollar General offers different brands of Ensure that suit your health needs. They include Ensure high protein and Ensure Nutrition in Vanilla, strawberry, and milk chocolate flavors. All the Ensure shakes are available in six-pack packets.

How Much Is Ensure At Dollar General?

Ensure prices at Dollar General are very affordable, ranging from $9-$10.50. For instance, the six-pack Ensure high protein nutrition shake vanilla is only $10.50. Each bottle in the pack contains 6 grams of protein to support muscles, 23 essential vitamins and minerals, 160 nutritious calories, 4 grams of sugar, and 2 grams of fat.

Can I Purchase Ensure From Dollar General Online?

Yes, you can purchase Ensure from Dollar General’s online store. However, you cannot buy all brands of Ensure on their online store. They’re specific brands that are offered online. The products include the Ensure high protein nutrition shake vanilla, the Ensure strawberry nutrition shake, and the Provide nutrition shake milk chocolate. The other brands are only available in the store.


Is Ensure Suitable For Children?

Ensure is not suitable for children; it is designed for adults. Abbott Nutrition has other product lines intended for children. They include EleCare, Similac, and Pediasure. It is therefore not advisable for children to take Ensure shakes.

What Amount Of Ensure Should An Adult Take In A Day?

Ensure shake is designed as an oral nutrition supplement to be used with a healthy diet. For example, an adult should only consume a maximum of three servings in a day.

Bottom Line

Dollar General cares for its consumers and offers the best products to safeguard their health. This is why Dollar General offers Ensure in their physical and online stores. Stop by any Dollar General store or visit their online store and get a pack of Ensure today.

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