Does Dollar General have Free Wi-Fi?

Does Dollar General have Free Wi-Fi?

Yes, Dollar General has free Wi-Fi. However, if you are a new customer at Dollar General, you will have to log in to the DG CUSTOMER” Wi-Fi. Before going into your Dollar General, go to the Wi-Fi settings on your mobile phone and search for available networks. You will see an option for Dollar general CUSTOMER. Connect to the customer Wi-Fi, and you will be all set to access the DG App. This is a game-changer for many Shoppers!

What Are Other Benefits of Shopping at Dollar General? 

Dollar General is the best store to shop in if you are looking for value! They have got some DG hacks to make your shopping experience even better.

  • The DG Go App

Dollar General GO is an app that enables you to scan products as you shop to see prices, find deals and discounts, and track your total, so you remain within your budget. DG GO app is currently available in select stores, but from what we’ve been able to find, it looks like more and more stores are being added, so if you didn’t have it before, you would want to check again! Some stores even use it as an in-app checkout so that you can skip the checkout line all together!

  • Early Activation

 Dollar General Stores start their Sunday advertisement on Saturday at 7 pm. This means that you get the current sale and the next week’s sale from 7 pm until closing on Saturday. 

There are more benefits to shopping during early activation. Still, Dollar General’s favorite is that you can use the $5 off $25 Purchase Coupon available most Saturdays. You will not have to wait until the last day of the new sale.

Make sure that you’ve made your list before you go in the store because the store may not have the new sale tags up.

  • Stock/Price Checker

 Wondering how much an item is or if your local store has it in stock? Prices vary by region, so your local store may have slightly different shelf prices than our local stores. If you shop at Dollar General, there is a way to check your local store for pricing and in-stock status!

Once you are done signing in, set your store location; go to the shop section and select shop online.  

  • Click the search bar to find the item you’re looking for.
  • Then find in-store.
  • This will help you identify the item available in your store or not. These are just estimates and are not 100% accurate.

  • Penny Shopping

If you are in Dollar General Facebook groups, you’ve probably seen people talking about “Penny Shopping” and wondering if it’s a thing. Yes, it is.

Most Tuesdays, Dollar General Stores are told to pull select items from the sales floor to return or throw away. During that period, Dollar General marks the item down to a penny. 


If you are at Dollar General and you find a penny item, take all that you find or all you want to the register. Because despite the stores being told to sell you what you bring up, they are instructed to check the sales floor right away to ensure that there are none left behind.

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