Does Costco Sell Diesel Fuel?

Does Costco Sell Diesel Fuel

Did you know that having the Costco wholesale subscription card can help you save big on fuel? Well, that is the best deal you can ever get on fuel. Note that the members of the Club can fuel at any of the gas stations and save big. Buying fuel from Costco stations is a bit different from the usual stations. Thus, there is much you may need to know about it. Keep reading to find out more about Costco diesel. 

Does Costco Sell Diesel Fuel?

Yes, Costco sells diesel fuel. In most cases, the prices for Costco gas are displayed at the Club’s entrance and the food court. However, it is always a pretty idea to use apps that will help you get cheap gas right before you leave home. Costco fuel prices often go as low as 30 cents less than other stations near them. It is, however, a good idea to check out for deals on price comparison apps such as GasBuddy. These apps will help you save more on gas.

Are there best times to buy gas at Costco stations? 

Yes, it would be best if you always were keen on the best time to visit Costco stations. This is because the stations can often experience long vehicles waiting to buy fuel. Thus, it would be best if you avoided such peak hours unless otherwise. You can visit the stations during off-peak hours when there are no vehicles, or the queue is very short. 

Can you always have your card? 

Your membership card is very critical for fueling at Costco stations. Note that the Costco stations are for members only. You should always have your card, a debit card, or any other PIN card to pay for the fuel. You can also use Costco Cash Cards to pay for gas. However, the Costco cash card can be used by anyone- a member of the Club or not. 

What is the quality of gas sold at Costco stations? 

Fuel quality is always a concern for every vehicle owner. At Costco, you are guaranteed high-quality diesel. The gas might be the cheapest in town, but that does not mean that it is of low quality. The quality is not compromised in any way. 

Note that these stations serve millions of vehicle owners. Thus, you should never doubt its quality. So many drivers from various locations trust its quality, and you should trust it too. The fuel will help clean your vehicle’s engine and still help it run smoother. It would help if you only opted for Costco stations from today. This is because they offer high-quality fuel at very low prices. 


If you are not yet a Costco gas club member, you are missing out big. This means you are still buying gas at high prices at other stations. You should join this Club to enjoy lower prices and frequent discounts at Costco gas stations. This article can always help you learn more about Costco fuel. And yes, you can always buy diesel at Costco stations. 

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