Does Burger King Take Apple Pay?

Does Burger King Take Apple Pay

Mobile transaction services such as PayPal, Apple Pay, and Cash App, bring great flexibility to the modern-day market when it comes to buying goods and services, both on and offline.

However, if you’re thinking of grabbing a burger, and you’ve got Burger King on your mind, you’ll want to make sure that this fast-food brand does accept your preferred payment.

You don’t want to show up, be unable to pay for your food, and leave feeling awkward.

The majority of customers at Burger Kings often wonder if they can use the Apple Pay app in-store, online, or via the drive-thru. If you’re thinking of using Apple Pay to complete Burger King Menu purchases, be sure to read further.

Does Burger King Accept Apple Pay?

No. Burger King does not accept Apple Pay as a mode of payment at their stores, online, or through their BK mobile app in the US. Instead, they accept Venmo, debit cards, credit cards, and cash. They dropped support of the iOS app from its online ordering app services.

That means you cannot use Apple Pay at Burger King in their restaurants, drive-thrus, or via their BK mobile app. Apple Pay can only be used at restaurants that take it as a payment option. Burger King dropped Apple Pay through the BK app in 2019.

Keep reading to learn more about using Apple Pay at Burger King and alternative payment methods.

Reasons Why Burger King Dropped Apple Pay from its Mobile App

Interestingly, Burger King used to accept Apple Pay through their mobile app, subsequent to their initial launch. However, patrons could never use it in the drive-thru or dining area.

In 2019, Burger King decided to drop Apple Pay as a payment option from its mobile app. The decision was made after Burger released its new mobile app that offers a variety of features, including the ability to view the menu, place orders, and upload coupons.

Burger King’s decision to stop accepting Apple Pay was due to inconveniences and high fees associated with Apple Pay.

Although it’s unclear what specific fees and inconvenience led to this decision, it’s safe to assume that they are larger compared to mobile apps and payment methods such as credit cards.

Another thing to note is that Burger King partnered with PayPal in 2014, which essentially removed Apple Pay from the playing, considering that both app companies are direct competitors.

Should Burger King Start Taking Apple Pay?

Whether or not Burger King takes Apple Pay is one question. However, after knowing that they don’t, the next question is whether or not they really should start taking Apple Pay as a method of payment.

In perception, it probably would have been a nice move for Burger King to go with Apple Pay as well, given that Apple Pay is much more widely used, especially for these types of payments.

Does that mean more people would have decided to eat at Burger King over the past few years if the brand had accepted Apple Pay?

Well, that’s tough to tell. Critics have it that Burger King has experienced several poorly-received marketing campaigns and product launches that have been hurting them in recent years.

Various Payment Methods that Burger King Accept?

Despite the fact that they don’t usually accept Apple Pay, there are still other different ways that you can use to complete your order at your local Burger King restaurant. These include:

When ordering at Burger King, customers can use Discover cards, Master cards, prepaid cards, American Express cards, or cash – pretty much the same as you could anywhere in the United States. And obviously, you can always use PayPal.

The Burger King app allows you to store your payment methods and pay for your order using the app or pay at the register when you’re in the store.

Also, you can add Burger King gift cards to your app, or pay with them directly. For more convenient payments in the future, you might as well choose to add a balance to your Burger King App.

With all those options, you should not have any issue paying for your order at all. You just need to bring something other than Apple Pay.

Will Burger King Accept Apple Pay in the Future?

As long as Burger King partners with PayPal (which owns Venmo), there is little chance that they will take Apple Pay as a payment method. In fact, Burger King’s competitor, McDonalds, accepts Apple Pay, which would seem to be a further deterrent.

Meanwhile, developments in recent times could open the door for probable consideration as Apple Pay gives users the ability to access a $1 value coupon to purchase whooper at participating Burger King restaurants.

The Bottom Line

Burger King does not accept Apple Pay across the board. They don’t officially have a deal with apple or support the Apple Pay app the same way many other restaurants stores do.

That said, you may still be able to use your Apple Wallet to complete your orders at Burger King if you visit one of their locations that has a payments terminal that supports tap payments.

Burger King locations are often open pretty late, making it a one-stop option for a late-night snack, especially since they have a few distinctive menu items that other open-late fast food places typically lack.

Simply put, Burger King can help satisfy your cravings, but not when you’re planning to use Apple Pay.

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