Does Ace Hardware Carry Sherwin Williams Paint?

Does Ace Hardware Carry Sherwin Williams Paint?

Ace Hardware is a leading hardware retailer worldwide that was founded in the 1920s in the United States. It’s among the largest retailers globally and leading in the convenience segment of the hardware industry. The cooperative has over 5,000 stores in more than 60 countries globally. In addition, Ace Hardware has offered various paint brands in over 1,300 stunning colors. You might be wondering if you can get Sherwin Williams paint in Ace hardware stores.

Does Ace Hardware Carry Sherwin Williams Paint?

Yes, you can buy Sherwin Williams paint at Ace Hardware but it’s only available in three quarters of Ace stores. Thus it’s essential to find out the stores that carry the paint brand. 

Is Sherwin Williams A Good Paint Brand?

Sherwin William paints are excellent paints that perform better than cheap paints. The paint covers well in one to two coats. It is easier and faster to cut in corners with Sherwin William paints such as the duration, since they flow better when brushing or rolling. The Premium Sherwin William paint is much better than other brands for brushing and rolling. Unlike most brands, not all Sherwin William paints perform well for brushing and rolling.

How Much Are Sherwin Williams Paints At Ace Hardware 

Their top paints, like duration home and emerald range from $67 to $77 per gallon. Their new emerald urethane paint starts froms$93 per gallon. The durability and coverage of their paints are worth the cost and you can score their paints by waiting for one of their 30% to 40% off sale events. They have sales on and off all year long. The paint brand is costly at total price for a homeowner looking to paint their home unless purchased on sale. Even some Sherwin Williams lower quality paints can be pricey without a coupon, paint sale or contractor pricing.

What Other Paint Brands Are Available At Ace Hardware?

 Ace has a variety of different brands of paints in its stores. It has made the Ace brand paint that line its store shelves since 1984. It also offers Clark Kensington that tops consumers reports’ latest rating of two finishes, semi-gloss and low-luster satin. The retailer also carries Benjamin Moore paints in selected stores. 

Where Else Can I Get Sherwin William Paints?

You can get all Sherwin William paints at their stores located throughout the United States. If you have trouble locating the stores you can check their website to find the closest store. You can also get the paints from Lowe’s or and at Walmart market place for a slightly cheaper price than the original.


The durability, performance and versatility of paints from Sherwin Williams are the best. You can be assured of excellent results when using the paint brand. Ace Hardware also offers other brands of paints of top-notch quality. When you shop for paint at ace hardware you will be spoiled for choice. Stop by at any ace hardware store and get the best paint to give you the best results.

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