Can You Return Makeup To Target?

Can You Return Makeup To Target?

Target has a lot of customers who come to shop for beauty and cosmetic products. This is because the store has a wide selection of cosmetics from different brands of high quality. As a result, Target is a trusted store by many consumers for their beauty and cosmetic products.

Have you ever bought makeup, and it does not turn out to be what you expected? This can happen to you due to various reasons and you may be wondering if Target accepts makeup returns.

Does Target Accept Makeup Returns?

Yes, Target accepts returns within 90 days of purchase for opened and unopened makeup items. You could return the same thing up to 120 days later if you purchased with a Target red card. If you bought a Target-owned makeup brand, you could return it even up to one year.

Does Target Accept Makeup Returns After 90 Days Of Purchase?

Yes, you can return makeup to Target after 90 days though you will not receive a full refund. Instead, you’ll be given items equivalent to your article but of the lowest price in the merchandise gift card, which can only be used in-store.

However, if you purchased your makeup item with a Target RedCard, you can return it after 90 days and receive a full refund. This gives you 120 days to return items. You can also return makeup to Target up to a year after purchase if the makeup product is a Target-owned brand.

Can You Return Makeup Products To Target Without A Receipt?

Yes, you can return makeup to Target without a receipt if you can provide an alternative proof of purchase. For example, if you bought the item online, you could access the digital barcode or receipt from the account to prove your purchase.

Target can also find your order online if you purchased the makeup item using RedCard, Visa, MasterCard, AmEx, Discover, personal check, or Target gift card. Unfortunately, cash purchases cannot be tracked in this manner.

If you are unable to provide proof of purchase, you will be refunded with a merchandise return card. The card is only valid in-store and cannot be used online at

Does Target Accept Used Makeup Items?

You can return slightly used makeup items to Target within 90 days with the original receipt. Target will not accept the makeup item if it is fully used. This also applies to defective products such as dried-out makeup. Damaged, opened, and used makeup may be denied a refund or exchange since the decision lies at the discretion of the store manager.


How Can I Return Items Purchased From Target Online?

If you purchased your makeup item online, then you can return it to any Target store with proof of purchase, such as Target shipping or delivery confirmation emails or the original form of payment. Makeup can only be mailed to the Target return center through, but you’ll have to pay the return shipping fees. However, some items can only be returned in-store and mailed to the online Target return center.


Target’s return policy is very flexible, and it allows customers to return makeup items within 90 days for refunds and exchanges. Visit any Target store today and explore the wide variety of makeup items the retailer offers.

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