Can You Drop Off USPS at UPS?

Can You Drop Off USPS at UPS?

Sending mail and ensuring it reaches its destination are two different things. You want to make sure that your letter gets to the recipient in good time and does not cost you much to send. You might be wondering if it’s possible to drop off USPS at UPS. The answer is yes, you can drop off USPS at UPS.

The USPS (United States Postal Services) caters to various types of mail such as Priority Mail, Priority Express Mail, Global Express Guaranteed, Priority Express Mail International and Priority International Mail.  

You should not that you can send packages with First Class mail as it is the most prominent way of sending packages through USPS. 

The Process of Sending Mail

So now that you know you can drop off USPS at UPS stores, you might be wondering what the procedure is like. It’s not much different from dropping a package at USPS. The following steps will help you with this process. 

  • Choose an Envelope or Postcard

The size and shape of your mail will affect the cost of sending your mail. If you want to use the automated processing points, make sure you use the standard mail sizes. Keep in mind that the machines will accept flat envelopes. If you have envelopes that are lumpy or rigid and cannot fit in the automated mail-processing points, you will have to send your mail as a package.

There are a couple of requirements for both envelopes and postcards. Both must be rectangular for flat rate prices. Large envelopes will get package pricing while large postcards will be charged letter prices. It is important to note that all envelopes must be made of paper.  

  • Address Your Letter

Ensure you address your mail properly and correctly. Any mistakes that you make might result in delays, more expenses and even the return of the letter. The recipient’s address should be at the bottom center of the envelope and include full name, full street address, apartment number, city, state, ZIP+4 Code. Your address as the sender should be in the top-left corner of the envelope and should include all the details similar to the recipient.

As you write out the addresses make sure every detail is written on its own line. For example, the recipient’s name and street address should be on two separate lines. Check out the address formats of other regions to avoid the return of your mail-piece. 

  • Calculate and Set Postage

There are several factors that will affect the price of sending your letter or postcard. These things include speed, destination, size and confirmation of delivery. Even though the present stamp cost of sending first-class mail is $0.58 and $0.40 for a postcard, this amount might increase if you consider things like insurance, special package handling and delivery confirmation. 

For international shipping the price will definitely be higher than that of domestic shipping. You can purchase postage online at Postal stores, Click N Ship and from postal locations and even authorized drug and grocery stores. 

  • Send Your Letter or Postcard

When everything is set, it is time to send your mail. You can opt for three choices and the first one is leaving the mail in your mailbox so that a carrier can pick it up. The second way is to take the mail to the Post Office or drop it at any UPS store. Thirdly, you can drop off the mail in the blue collection box. 

It is always important to inspect whether your letter follows the guidelines and rules as per the shipment rules. Correct addresses are essential to avoid sending out your package to the wrong person. If you have any doubts, you can always include a return address to avoid losing the mail. 

Factors That Affect the Drop Off For Your Packages

  • Weight of your mail. If your mail weighs more than 13 ounces, you cannot drop it in a blue collection box, a lobby mail slot or a mailbox. 
  • Shipping location. If your mail has domestic shipping, you can drop at any USPS store even without waiting in line, but for international packages you cannot just do a drop-off and go. You might want to scan your package and get tracking details of the same. Also, ensure your mail has proper custom declarations. 

Even though UPS (United Parcel Service) is designed for bigger packages that require transportation all over America, the service can still deliver small packages like letters. Dropping off USPS is quite easy now because you can deliver at any UPS store so that the USPS can pick up your package. After the USPS picks up your package, they scan it and you can get tracking details after that.

Other Services That UPS Offers

While shipping can feel a bit overwhelming, it can be a smooth process if you ask for additional services. For example, you might be fearful if the package will reach its destination and in good time. In such a case, you can opt for tracking services. Also, you can use the same services to ensure the safety of your package.

You can also ship multiple packages in one shipment. If you want to track your shipment in such a case, you will need to register on   

With the festivities around the corner, you want to make sure your mail reaches the intended in good time. It is important to depend on a reliable partner to deliver your mail without mishaps. Since UPS accepts USPS packages, you can be sure your package is safe.  

Whether you want to send mail or a package, USPS has got you covered. With more than 30,000 post offices that perform shipment duties, your package will be in safe hands. Moreover, you scan your items so that in case of any loss, you can make claims as the rightful owner.


Shipping for both domestic and international locations, USPS offers great convenience as you send out your letters. The company provides timely and safe delivery when you engage them. Now that you know how their services operate, you can send out a letter or package anywhere in the world without fear. 

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