Best Free Ecards No Registration

Best Free Ecards No Registration

Special days such as birthdays, holidays, marriage anniversaries, or festivals are different from all the other days of the year.

These are very important times to show our love towards our family and friends. Unfortunately, sometimes it happens when you are not around them or when you don’t have time to buy a gift.

But wouldn’t you be happy if you received a greeting card on your special birthday? Well, you could get it on any random day, but whenever you receive it, the joy is immense!

The good news is that you can send ecards to your loved ones. It doesn’t matter if they live next door or across the country; sending them these ecards can be such a nice gesture to let them know that you care about them.

What Is An E-card?

An e-card refers to a postcard or digital greeting that can be customized and created by a website. Some people call it a digital postcard or cyber greeting card because you can create them using digital media rather than paper or traditional materials.

You can send or receive it via email or text. This makes them a very convenient, inexpensive, and versatile way to send greetings to your family and friends. Since you don’t have to make each card for every loved one, you can easily send them to many people at once.

There are numerous excellent websites with an incredible selection of high-quality, absolutely free ecards. These cards can even be photo cards. Moreover, you can customize them with personal messages, stickers, graphic images, video, music, and any way you like them to be.

Once you’ve designed your card, you can even print it, or send it over mail, share it on Facebook or WhatsApp. Later, you may even download the ecards. But you’re probably wondering what are the best free ecards with no registration. So let’s get closer to that.

Best Free Ecards No Registration

There are a few best free ecards no registration sites on the internet. From there, you can always get many ecards according to your choice.

Pricing options tend to vary from site to site, and while you can get some ecards free, it’s good to state that they often have a premium subscription.

123 Greetings

Looking for a convenient way to turn your photos into greeting cards? Well, that would be fantastic. What’s more, 123 provides this service.

The website design may look like the ’90s, but that is aesthetics. They have cards for every occasion. There’s even a mobile app on this site, meaning it’s convenient and works reliably.

On the bright side, this website will not charge a single penny provided you use any of its templates. Similar to other e-cards sites, 123 Greetings boasts a wide selection of free greeting cards for its visitors.

Free Video ecards or animated ecards for all occasions alongside customization ability is enough to test it for once. You’ll also get to add your own desired messages on the video ecard and share them, but that’s after registration.


Perhaps this is the most beautiful free online cards site that provides different ecards categories including video ecards, which are hard to find anywhere else.

Ojolie has some timeless fairytale greetings cards which are breathtaking. Well, the selection is pretty much limited, but all are unique formats.

Here, you will get hand-painted animated designs with a feminine touch. They also boast a very nice collection of free ecards too. Whether it’s free unique birthday cards or holiday greeting cards, they’ve got you covered.

The site allows you to send free animated ecards or greetings to any loved one or a group of people in one click. What’s better, it allows you to schedule a future delivery date.


If you’d like something elegant and stylish or are not interested in modern ecards or greetings, then this site is a one-stop option. It’s more like a nice treat. It enables you to share free ecards with your loved ones at once.

You’ll also find some great features in punchbowl-envelope liners, rubber stamps, and custom postage that help you customize your greetings with your desired message. This site offers a free trial session of 7 days. After that, it comes with a premium subscription.


Would you like your ecards to convey the message through a video? Well, you’re bound to be impressed by the Jibjab. In fact, that’s what makes them stand out from the rest. Here, you can get free holiday cards, birthday cards, music videos, or wedding anniversaries completely free.

Those looking for animated greeting cards with a unique concept are also bound to be impressed. This online ecards website offers all traditional cards designs that you see on most other sites including mothers’ day festival wishes and unique designs for special occasions.


Just Wink is yet another excellent option, particularly for those who are busy in daily office life and tend to forget to send a gift or card. It provides free ecards with advanced schedule features. So you’ll hardly miss special days in any way. Just Wink will schedule everything in advance.

What’s better, you can download and install the JustWink mobile app on your phone. Just browse the site to find the ecards from their category and share a soft copy of greetings via mail, Facebook, or WhatsApp. You can also take a print of the ecard and send it to an address.

In addition to free greetings, you will also get paid premium services that come with a 7-day free trial. Some people even call this site “American greetings” as it has some of the best features for ecards. Whatever the occasion, they will serve you with unique cards according to your choice.


There’s no doubt that there are numerous stores to purchase and send gift items. But greetings and printed cards are all-time popular ways to show your love for your family members and friends. Perhaps you’re busy with your work or don’t have time to buy gifts from the store. In that case, you can create your own ecard greetings and video ecards online for free. With the best free ecards no registration discussed above, you can make ecards in very little time and send them to multiple recipients without having to purchase the physical cards.

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