Amazon Delivered Wrong Address

Amazon Delivered Wrong Address

You might be eagerly waiting for a package only to realize that it has been sent to the wrong address. While tracking may indicate that the item has been delivered, you don’t have it in your possession. What to do? Well, first of all, try not to panic. Secondly get in touch with your carrier.

Although incorrect deliveries might be minimal they do occur. In this article, we will take a look at what factors lead to wrongful deliveries, how to resolve them and who is responsible.

Factors That Contribute to Wrong Deliveries

  • Incorrect Shipping Address

When you place an order online, platforms usually ask for your address if you want a door delivery. In the midst of giving the details, you might make a spelling mistake or give a wrong address. For example, you might give the wrong street changing the location dramatically. In such an instance, the carrier will be knocking on the wrong door. 

  • Delivery to Previous Home Address

Most probably Amazon has your address on file because you have placed a lot of orders with them in the past. In case you move out to a new apartment and make an order on your account you might forget to give the new address and guess what? Amazon will deliver your package to the address on file. 

  • Mistake on the Carrier’s Side

Another reason for wrong deliveries might be a mistake on the carrier’s side. Reading apartment and street names wrong or assuming they know the place and don’t verify on the same. Even small assumptions might be costly as well as waste time if you want your package to reach you in good time. 

When you look at the causes of wrong deliveries you realize, they are human errors and the effect is unpleasant. The good news is that it is easy to resolve them and one of the ways to resolve such is through paying attention on your part.  

How to Prevent Wrong Deliveries

When frustration comes flooding in because your package is nowhere in sight, make sure you are not to blame. Even though you cannot control how the carrier handles your shipment details, you just hope they deliver to your door. The following are actions you can take to avoid wrong deliveries. 

  • Spell Your Address Correctly

Since spelling mistakes can be one of the real culprits, you need to rule them out. When you type out your address, make sure the letters are in their correct positions. Numbers, commas, and full stops need to be properly positioned to avoid the carriers misreading your details. If there are any abbreviations, write them as required to avoid wrong deliveries. 

  • Update Your Shipping Address

In case you move houses or even apartments, make sure you update that information. Amazon uses the latest delivery information that you give. So, if you don’t update your data, your package will be sitting on the front porch of your previous home. 

  • Track Your Package Regularly

Tracking packages regularly especially those that take a couple of days to reach you is a great way to avoid wrong deliveries. You will always know how far your package is and how long you have to wait. Tracking helps with giving evidence when shipping indicates delivery but you don’t have the package. 

Who Is Responsible For Wrong Delivery?

In case of a missing package, the question of who is responsible arises. If you gave out correct shipment details, then there is no blame on your part. The courier might be the one to blame for misreading the address details. On the other hand, if you input incorrect information for shipping, then you are to blame and in such a case, it might be difficult to ask for a refund. 


What to Do If Your Amazon Package Is Delivered to the Wrong Address?

  • Verify your shipping address. It is important to make sure that the address you give is correct. Just log in to your account and confirm the details. 
  • Check out the delivery location in your area. If you don’t have your package yet, you can first check with your neighbors, maybe it was delivered when you weren’t home. If none of your neighbors saw the package being delivered, check for attempted delivery notice. 
  • Call Amazon customer support. When you have made sure that no one accepted the package on your behalf contact customer support on 1-877-586-3230. From that conversation, you will know the way forward. 

 How Can Amazon Help to Resolve the Situation?

There are three major things that Amazon can do if your package is delivered wrongly. These actions include attempting to recover the package, issuing you a refund or even shipping you a replacement package. These actions vary with the causes that led to the wrong delivery in the first place.  

How Do You Request a Refund?

There are two ways you can use to request a refund. One, you can leave your request on Amazon’s website or you can talk to a customer care personnel through a phone call. When you talk to customer support, explain your situation and ask for a refund. Note that it is easier to get a refund if you are not responsible for the wrong delivery.

If you choose to leave a message on their site, use the following steps 

  • Head to the “Your Orders” section in your Amazon account
  • Locate the wrongfully delivered order and select the “Problem with your order” option
  • Next select “request refund” and explain your issue with the wrongfully delivered item in the text box.
  • Hit “Submit” and your request is sent. Check regularly for updates



Delivering millions of packages in a day, Amazon is a busy company that requires attention to detail in order to work efficiently. Imagine how many people place orders sometimes several of them at the same time and what a single mistake can result in. If you want to make the whole process easier, make sure you give correct shipping details so that your package can reach you at the intended time.


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